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  • Hm lets see other definitions for male and female
    male- boy, man , guy, dude
    female- girl women chick
    Nah this is pretty much how I am in real life
    And yeah Im a dude last time I checked your a female for real correct?
    lol aww you really shouldnt worry, i have no need for a rayquaza at all, if you can get me an elekid with cross chop and the right nature i'm happy to give you one :)
    i need somthing that boosts either attack or speed, not that worried about which one, preferably attack, but if you get one with speed i'll take it :) and a nature that doesnt lower either of them :)
    i know it'll take some time,, but then it is a rayquaza for an elekid haha talk about a good deal :p
    hey, i have a rayquaza:)
    how good are you at breeding? i need an elekid with a specific nature, who knows cross chop
    it says the same on my DS, anyway I restarted and I'm plugged into the power socket and sat next to my router!
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