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  • Regular Pokémon. Breeding for shinies is quite difficult and I don't have that much time.
    I was obsessed with EVs and IVs, but I'm breeding my own Pokémon now, and I don't care about IVs at all. =3
    Gen I also had its pros. The metagame was a more balanced because of the lack of IVs, EVs and natures. It's quite difficult to breed your way to perfection nowadays. :/
    Have you tried the Mew glitch? I can't remember the exact method, but it has something to do with a Youngster with a Slowpoke and the Nugget Bridge.
    I had Blue and Yellow when I was younger. I still remember the Kadabra and Haunter I raised. I levelled them up till level 100, because I didn't understand how to trade a Pokémon. XD
    Generation II was flawed. Kanto was poorly designed, and most Johto Pokémon were hard to obtain. I have to admit that some Hoenn Pokémon, especially Absol, Snorunt and Feebas, are hard to obtain too.
    hey how are you it beens a while i saw you now a days lol i have been trying to look for event meleotte and genesect but the other day i hatch myself a shiny zorua lol anything new happening oh yeah are u getting pokemon rumble for ds?
    Of course. It's only a matter of time before Grey and the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire come out.
    Jolteon is also a good choice because of Volt Absorb. It all depends on your preferences. Electivire is a physical attacker, and Jolteon is a special attacker.
    You should try to focus on one tier. Dragonite, Scizor and Breloom are OU Pokémon, but the rest of your team is UU or NU.
    You should pair Scizor with a Water-type, because of Scizor's weakness(Fire). You could also pair Scizor with a Pokémon with the Flash Fire ability.
    I battle occasionally. Actually, it's kinda fun to do, and I would love to battle more people! =D You could look up some Pokémon on Smogon to prepare a team.
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