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  • A new "Tribulations of Great Pokemon" article up for reading if you have time.

    Thanks for reading.
    I like Sebastian but I hated Alois since the moment he gouged out that maid's eye. I prefer Ciel.
    Thank you as well for all the shiny grass types. xD And enjoy the girls. ^^
    You do see me right? o.o Cause yesterday another person I traded with couldn't see me for some reason...^^;
    How about the vulpix then? :eek: And I'll register your FC and meet you in the wi-fi room. :3

    Edit: What is your FC? xD
    I will be in just a minute. I've got to go change that Eevee's name. Her nickname was Autumn, but I'm going to change it back to Eevee. Give me just a moment. ^^
    Hey~! You available now? If not let me know when your available during the weekend then. ^^ And also I have a extra meowth and vulpix want them also?
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