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  • Don't forget you don't add your gifts from the winter gift station to your stats until it's over. (Congrats on Charmander, though, Mega Charizard is awesome!!)
    Sorry to bother you, but have you already cloned the Charizard? If so, I assume we could trade this Saturday?
    So I'm assuming we're just going to do a normal trade for the prize pokemon. I'll be available afternoons the rest of this week and the weekend. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    The title still shows as the same for me.

    When you're viewing the blog, you should see a little pencil icon next to the title. If you click on that, you'll be able to edit the title and content.

    Regarding spoiler tags, you add them [noparse]
    Good luck with all your real life activies! So I take it the prize can be claimed in around November too, or earlier? If so, see you then! :D
    Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention but when you're done rewriting - if you decided to do so - just send me a vm or post on the thread.
    Also, you might want to get an AIM or Skype account since that'll make URPG so much easier.
    Hey, Oshawott, feel up for a battle as soon as I get a mod to approve my stats post? I might take me a while to order my move, maybe even more than a day, but if you're willing to handle my general tardiness, then I'd be happy to battle.
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