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  • Ok. OFFTOPIC: Do you know any people who we could invite to join the URPG? We need more beginners to battle.
    The only refs I can think of off the top of my head are Swiftgallade46 and Smiles. But I'm not sure if either are online...
    I liked the story, except for the beginning, Cha is a Chimchar, not a Pidove! Oops, Synthesis went offline, try someone else.
    Sure, but I don't have any thing to give in return :( I'm saving up to go under ground. BTW, did your sewaddle story get a good grade?
    Your not the only one who taught there pokemon a cool move though! (ThunderPunch won't help much though)
    I sent you a couple trade requests but they didn't go through. My IGN is Serena, so just initiate the trade whenever you're ready!
    Hey! I'm around to trade Meloetta/Keldeo/shiny Charmander tonight for Articuno/shiny Genesect/Reshiram if you are?
    Ok, whenever you want. but we should probably wait till we both have atleast two pokemon so it will be more challenging. But we don't have to wait if you don't want to,
    Hi, everybody who visits my page. I'm doing a shiny Pokemon Giveaway in the Shiny Pokemon Fan Club. If you're apart of the Shiny Club, you should sign up for the giveaway, which is this Saturday at 8 pm Eastern Time. If you're not part of the club, you should sign up for the club, and join the giveaway. This week's giveaway is a shiny Oshawott, but on other weeks, I'll be giving away different Pokemon. Bye for now!
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