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  • I think that the games will be separate from the XY sequels. Zygarde is obviously incomplete (stats-wise and story-wise) so it is all but guaranteed to be a mascot, but we already know that the other region has at least one unique legendary. Game Freak could use Zygarde and the other legendary as a set, but that would be awkward and very assymetrical.

    I don't think that remakes are on the agenda, as the references to Hoenn are really no different than the usual references to previous regions. Hoenn may be linked to the foreshadowed region (which could be based on Chugoku and/or Shikoku), which seems like a fair solution to me (combined with an eShop release of the original games). If that is the case, I think that the XY sequels should incorporate Kanto rather than just its Pokémon again. That would be fitting for the 20th anniversary, and it would help the sequels not look stale compared to the other set of games.

    Six versions and four regions may seem like a lot for a single generation, but I see it as the alternative to releasing another 3DS-based generation. If this generation lasts between four and five years, Game Freak should be able to release Generation VII for the 3DS' successor.
    There may be version differences, but I am less than impressed by the spoilers. The plot looks like a mess to me and it reminds me of the Team Galactic story. "Dark and edgy" doesn't make a story good.
    I didn't think it would be that big. B2W2 were only 350mb after trimming.
    I remember a number far closer to 300MB. I also know that there was a lot of redundant leftover data from Black and White.

    What are your thoughts on X and Y so far? It looks fantastic to me so far. I'm more curious about the story though, they haven't told us much about it which makes me worry.
    I like the new features and I think that the story involving the mascots and Mewtwo has a lot of potential. I'm also fairly sure that the Origin special is relevant to XY's story, meaning that we'll some of the notable Kanto characters in the games. Still, I am naturally worried because I always have higher expectations than I should.

    I posted this theory a week ago, and I still stand by the main ideas even though the second Mewtwo form will also be called Mega Mewtwo. The name distinction doesn't really matter.
    Four days ago, Masuda tweeted to Smash cast member Yamamoto, thanking him for recording an episode together the day prior (the 10th). Yamamoto replied that he couldn't wait to see the episode on air. I am guessing that they were referring to an early May episode, which will air either on the 5th or on the 12th.

    I'm wondering if we might get an announcement of a new type.
    I'd be saying next month if it weren't for CoroCoro mentioning the 3DS Tretta tidbit. That sounds like an eShop release that could be another excuse for putting the real news on hold. But the in-depth coverage will definitely start no later than June, since four months is the customary period for covering new main series games (at least in the case of a new generation).

    I think we could definitely get details about Mewtwo and Sylveon next month, though.
    Mewtwo becoming smaller actually makes sense if you accept this theory.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they all had the same type. I at least expect that to be the case for Sylveon, Xerneas and Yveltal.
    Sort of. It seems like the obvious reason for Smash focusing on the Eeveelutions in an episode with movie and game news, but I'm bothered by the summary saying that they'll get closer to unraveling the mystery. Maybe there will only be a silhouette or two. Then again, there is absolutely no wording about the movie star, and it would be ridiculous if they didn't (fully) reveal anything.
    I didn't watch it because I didn't expect anything interesting. GBA Virtual Console? What a forced incentive to buy a Wii U. Why not GameCube games? Oddly enough, it turns out that GameCube games and Pokémon Mini were mentioned in the source code for the UK Nintendo Direct site.

    X and Y will need to have more innovation than 3D to sell better than their predecessors did. But I have a good feeling.
    I think I'll get one. I usually lose interest in the games by the time they're released overseas, but obviously the circumstances will be different this time around.
    They revealed the middle evolutions in September 2010, but they hadn't revealed them at all before the release of the earlier generations.
    I don't see what they could do to catch up. Well, they could arrange for double airings in the last few months of Episode N, but the bigger problem would be sticking to the Japanese schedule over time. If there's a will, there's a way.
    A worldwide release is a very good thing (I had suspected it and it was obvious the minute Iwata started to discuss the release windows of the previous games) and the graphics look fine, but the trailer wasn't revolutionary - certainly not to the point of being interesting to non-fans. I didn't expect otherwise, but I am getting tired of Masuda's tendency to exaggerate.

    My biggest problem is the focus on gyms. The game is nine months away and yet they made it a point to show us gyms in the very first trailer, which isn't a good sign. I don't want them eliminated, but they shouldn't be the focus as far as I'm concerned.

    France is another problem. There is nothing wrong with it and I had suspected that Masuda had traveled to Paris for a reason, but I wanted them to return to Japan for the sake of expanding the mythology. The trailer and Iwata's final words prove that old Pokémon won't be a rarity, but will they just be there like in B2W2 without any significance? I want to see a proper connection to the previous regions despite the long distance, because otherwise the old Pokémon would look out of place.

    The new legendaries look nice, but if the theme is going to be genetics, I hope that Mew and Mewtwo will be relevant.
    I'll be teaching a recitation class in the university between 7PM and 9PM, but I'll have a 10-minute break starting at 8PM. If I borrow my brother's iPhone, I should be able to watch the feed during my break. It's a good thing that the Nintendo Direct won't be in Japanese only; at least I won't have to return to class with a limited understanding of what I've just watched.

    I won't be able to discuss the news until at least an hour after the Nintendo Direct.
    I won't even be able to check the page after 7PM JST as I won't be at home, but it would be weird if the page weren't updated by then as you'd think that Japan would be a priority.
    I don't know what IGN were thinking. Such ignorance.

    I think that there is a good chance the mascots will be revealed, as was the case with the previous two simultaneous announcements. Granted, Reshiram and Zekrom were revealed in late May, meaning four months after the first confirmation of a new generation. But the Kyurem Formes were revealed alongside the game titles at a time when we didn't know what to expect from the sequels, which then led to a long wait.
    I also have to wonder why TV Tokyo teased the announcement a week and a half in advance, and following an old commercial of all things. Wouldn't it have made more sense to air the teaser after tomorrow's anime special? The only reason that I can see is that they wanted to make a point that the announcement will be game-related. That's why I am not expecting to see a silhouette of the movie star just yet.
    I'm just wondering why they didn't announce a spin-off game at Jump Festa. Perhaps the next game will feature some of the new Pokémon (as XD and Ranger did), so they're waiting to announce the next generation first.
    But we don't know that TV Tokyo will make the announcement. If we did know that, then I would expect to see some short animated trailer. I don't see what else they could do without a program.

    I'm still bothered that they haven't announced a spin-off game yet. I am getting vibes of last year's Jump Festa. We didn't think that they would waste the opportunity on a spin-off game, but they did since Conquest was something unexpected.
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