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  • I don't understand why you find it unlikely that the regions' locations correspond to those of the real-life regions they were based on. Is it a fact? No, but it's a very reasonable assumption considering that that the cities within each region are positioned more or less as they should be.

    But I've said enough about this.
    But if the Pokémon world is based on the real world, which is a reasonable assumption, it would take far more time to reach the other regions by flying east than it would by flying west. "Far away" doesn't mean that you can't measure the distance and see which direction is optimal.
    I don't see why the direction of N's flight shouldn't represent anything. They had two directions to choose from, so I would think they would have chosen the logical one. Unless the geography is very different from that of the real world, the sensible thing to do would be to fly west.

    I wouldn't terribly mind seeing an older region (it would certainly be better than being stuck in Unova), but I don't find it likely at all. Game Freak have even disproved the Hoenn speculation.
    If the appearance alone isn't convincing, then let's not forget that N was shown flying east in Black and White. Surely he would have flown west if his destination had been one of the older regions. For that matter, the position of the boat in the screenshot with Shizui implies that we'll be going east, too.

    I think that the region should be based on the London area. The port city might be based on Portsmouth.
    He's ignored me in the past, but not about things that are directly relevant to the current news. I'll give it a shot, since he can read English.
    I'm thinking about tweeting Masuda about the new city. I don't expect him to tell me anything concrete, but it would be nice if he acknowledged the mystery.
    As long as the story continues after the league, then I don't think it matters too much if the boat event is from before or after the league. It could go either way... I'm wondering if the frozen city is really Lacunosa rather than the new city or yet another one.

    I'm worried that the official website doesn't say anything about the animated trailer, which makes a miniseries unlikely. But could we get another one before or after the release? I should hope so. Then again, it would only make us want more. As for a game trailer, there should be one sooner rather than later.
    While I wouldn't take it for granted that the frozen city is Lacunosa, since it could be a new one, I don't mind that assumption. I do think that the player should return to Unova after N has been found, so that the last major event can take place in (preferably) the Abyssal Ruins or a place of similar importance. That wouldn't necessarily make the second region small, either.

    So many questions. I hope that the region is revealed sooner rather than later, but I'll only be worried if we don't see it in CoroCoro.
    It's rather annoying. It makes me wonder if I'm overanalyzing things, but then I look again and I see that my judgment is on the mark, even if there is a chance that I'm wrong. I guess that most fans are simply close-minded people.
    I wonder why hardly any people have acknowledged the new city. Is it that easy to ignore? There are also people who don't seem to realize that the Dragonspiral Tower scene is most likely from Black and White.
    The Best Wishes website is supposed to be updated then, so people are guessing that the anime episode will end with a preview.
    I suppose it's possible that the city is in north-eastern Unova, but why would they take a boat to go there? Either there is another region or Game Freak are trolling us.
    Am I missing something or does the city have to be part of another region? Why isn't there more discussion about this? This is easily the most interesting part of the video.
    Why not? They're going to reveal the new Team Plasma via the video, after all. And they are most definitely on a boat.
    I am not surprised that they're there, but I'll be disappointed if they only stay in one place again. Also, I hope that they're the ones leading the old Team Plasma, and eventually the player, to find N. The sages shouldn't be more prominent than the goddesses again.

    I fear that Keldeo will be indeed be getting a Forme, although that text may only be a reference to Keldeo learning Secret Sword. It is already as strong as the Musketeer trio and its story would be negatively affected by the addition of a Forme. Are Game Freak unable to do new things with legendaries beside giving them new Formes?
    If I understand the page correctly, next month's CoroCoro will be packaged with a booklet containing a manga adaptation of Movie 15; it doesn't seem that B2W2 will get that treatment. Honestly, the booklet didn't affect the quality of this month's coverage, so it doesn't really matter.

    CoroCoro Ichiban has never revealed important information. If that were to change now, then someone would probably leak it a few days early, but I don't know what 'mechanical differences' could mean. Japanese can be a strange language.
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