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  • Those islands should be relevant to the Abyssal Ruins as far as I'm concerned. Something may have been dredged up by the abnormal event.
    Shizui being from a tropical place would make sense. Originally I thought that he moved to Undella to get more sun, but that is hardly the most tropical place he could choose.

    They should start using trailers and Smash episodes to reveal more content without necessarily telling us too much about it. But they may have their hearts set on being secretive, which would be annoying but not too worrying.
    It wasn't mentioned, but you can easily tell that from looking at the picture.

    I'm starting to consider Hawaii as the basis of the region. Hawaii would be significant in that it is situated between Japan and America.
    And we also know that the tournament takes place on an island in the anime, which would be random if that weren't the case in the games.
    Seeing as we don't even have information about the new villains, I am not worried by the ice still being present. The way they're promoting these games is odd, and at least keeping a second region a secret would be consistent with past releases. At this point, they could easily reveal the existence of a second region without unveiling the shrouded locations in Unova. Besides, it really doesn't appear that the World Tournament takes place in the Driftveil stadium.
    I wonder why they're showing the Unova map again if the ice is still there. There has to be some point.
    I still have a bad feeling that Game Freak could just make N return to Unova, as everyone else seems to think so even though we're supposed to be wondering where he is. It's hard to tell if Game Freak will do the right thing.
    I'm a bit worried that the World Tournament may take place in the stadium near Driftveil, though, and that the Best Wishes 2 series will still take place in Unova because of that.

    That doesn't affect a continued story with N in the games, of course. I'd still rather see the stadium in the other region... At least the anime picture of the stadium doesn't correspond to the Driftveil stadium.
    I hope that Cheren's gym is in eastern Unova and that we'll see some screenshots, but I fear that it's in Hiougi City.
    Well, he hasn't even said anything in-depth about Brock and Giovanni. I think he's teasing us a bit, which is not to say he's lying.
    Yes, that's a shame. But I highly doubt that's everything; he might be saving the best for last.
    I rely on online translations, but I can tell that he's afraid of getting arrested. I don't understand the logic, but whatever.
    I have to wonder why the new leaker isn't being more generous with information and pictures. I don't believe the nonsensical claim that anyone who leaks Pokémon information before the 12th is breaking the law.
    The Platinum coverage was bad. The best thing about that game was the Distortion World, which was barely covered and was short-lived in the game itself. The only point when things got interesting was when the silhouettes of the Rotom applications were revealed in August, but I was only interested in them when I assumed they might be new Pokémon.

    I think it will be foolish of them not to reveal something about the ice, because from what I've seen people aren't even speculating about the abnormal event, but rather just whether or not the ice is real. The mystery has already outlived its purpose.
    Amazingly enough, not a single gym leader was covered prior to HGSS' release. With Platinum, though, there was coverage of the gyms themselves (their puzzles), which was pretty ridiculous. But I feel confident that we won't see old gym leaders because they probably want to focus on new things. There may be another new gym leader, though.

    I don't know about those frozen trees; I haven't read about them anywhere, and Mitchman tends to dramatize innocent things. But I agree that they're getting ready for the new Pokémon scoop, which is interesting because they didn't do this for Meloetta.
    I couldn't agree more. If there is a new region, I'm pretty sure the Battle Frontier will be located there, so I don't expect to see anything about that this month. I don't want to see pages full of updated designs of the old gym leaders, either. I'd like to see Anthea and Choncordia, though, as I have a feeling they stayed in Unova.
    Unfortunately, he didn't post the cover last month and we only got it a day later. It's a shame that no one else seems to have access to the magazine on the 10th.

    Pirouette Forme was indeed on the cover. But I wonder if they might not bother doing something similar this time due to releasing a separate booklet for B2W2.

    I share your sentiments; not revealing anything about eastern Unova would be a bad sign. Personally, I can live without the map as long as they reveal information about eastern Unova. After all, the Sinnoh and Johto maps were unchanged even after the Battle Frontier was revealed. It is also worth mentioning that the same thing happened with the first Unova map after Black City and White Forest were revealed, although in that case most of eastern Unova was still a mystery.

    What they should really do is hint at a second region, especially if that screenshot with Shizui is really a sign in that direction. Alternatively, they could treat N's whereabouts as an important mystery.
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