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  • The funny thing about Episode N is that it reminds me of my theory that the post-league story in B2W2 would involve Genesect (without making it catchable) and even Mewtwo. But even Episode N is still set in Unova, which is lame.
    I think it is a safe assumption to make. It is featured in other upcoming merchandise items, as well, but that listing is the most convincing one since all the other Pokémon are confirmed to appear in the anime next year.

    The Episode N poster includes Genesect. This doesn't surprise me, but I am wondering if Genesect won't have any role in Movie 16, as I don't see why it would be prominent in both (Mewtwo merely had a brief role in Viridian Gym). It is possible that Episode N will be tied to Movie 16, but I really doubt it even though N is going to be a regular cast member; it would be wrong to force viewers to watch the movie to see the climax of the arc.

    Which Pokémon might be distributed instead of Genesect? Will there be a spin-off game promotion?
    The anime-based PWT tournament is out. It seems that the in-game movesets are based on the anime ones, so chances are that Virgil's Eevee will use Iron Tail, Trump Card and Return (it's already used Dig). I'm disappointed that its initial role as a supporting Pokémon (it used Protect and Helping Hand to aid the Eeveelutions) meant nothing. What was the point? They should have made it a powerhouse to begin with.

    Anime dub season sixteen to be called: "Pokémon Black & White: Adventures in Unova".
    Way to rub it in. I guess there will be plenty of anime-exclusive locations, but they'll just be tacked onto Unova.

    I don't like the franchise at the moment. I see that a lot of fans are actually excited about Episode N, but they'd also been excited about Best Wishes Season 2 before it aired, only to change their minds later.
    He is going to answer some of the many questions posted on Tweeter, which basically means that he'll address whatever he feels like addressing. So he'll only foreshadow Generation VI if he wants to do so, regardless of what people ask him (but I'm sure they've already asked him about it).
    This is ridiculous. Do they enjoy misleading us? I really don't think we were overthinking things. Also note how they rotated the postcard.
    No one at NeoGAF seems to believe those rumors. I doubt the situation is as obvious as they're making it seem (they seem pretty close-minded and biased against the website in question), but I thought you might want to know.
    If to be honest, I don't dislike that rumor apart from the release date. I am actually worried about Generation VI being sprite-based, which Masuda seemed to be implying in one of his recent interviews (although he was being deliberately vague and might have very well done it to deflect any question that would make the current games look outdated). A new type and a plot involving a worldwide crisis are definitely things I'd like to see, as well. Old Pokémon receiving noticeable tweaks would also be a major plus. If it weren't for the release date and the mention of Battrio, I would definitely want to believe this source. But why would he even know so much? It's one thing to know Nintendo's 3D agenda, but why would he know details about a game that is unlikely to be covered at E3, and is supposedly far from release?

    Could you give some examples of those specific specs? I don't understand why he couldn't have faked it. And why does it matter that the article correlates to previous rumors? Have those rumors been confirmed? Either way, he's had time to think things through. I may be missing something, but what exactly is so impressive about the things he divulged? Why couldn't any knowledgeable fan have come up with it?
    They haven't done that before, but I think that's beside the point since the way B2W2 and the Kyurem Formes were revealed on Smash was unprecedented, too. How do you think the Eeveelution will be revealed next week?

    How does that article seem accurate? Bear in mind that reasonable speculation can be passed off as intel. From what I've been told (I am not a gamer), some of the items actually seem to be too good to be true. Anyway, their decision to release Genesect in August would make no sense if they weren't going to release Generation VI next year.
    What would be wrong with the anime preview? The new Eeveelution would have a role in the anime first and foremost.
    Look at the sticker below the postcards on this page. Do you see the empty room with the light penetrating the window? Quite mysterious, isn't it? The other rooms (or the roof in Umbreon's case) are all themed around the Eeveelutions' types.
    Finally, an Eeveelution promotion that hints at things to come. This had better not be a trick.
    It was an autograph and Q&A session, and he's also confirmed that he will answer questions this time around, too. Actually, the questions need to be sent via Twitter until a week before the actual event; I guess that Masuda doesn't want to bother with questions he doesn't want to answer.

    We could ask him about the next game announcement, but I'm sure that is not necessary. Plenty of other people have probably already asked that question, and even if no one did, he could just pretend to answer a question that he wasn't really asked.
    On the plus side, there is going to be autograph session with Masuda on December 16th. The last time that happened, Masuda teased the announcement of B2W2 when someone conveniently asked him about sequels.
    I'll be pretty annoyed if all we get next month is news about Episode N and a spin-off game. Granted, it's only a matter of time before Generation VI is announced, but I'm tired of waiting and I want to see a new Eeveelution. Unfortunately, I have very low hopes since Eevee and Lucario (which will evolve from Riolu) are both included in a January calendar promoting the anime, as well as a preview of the remaining league episodes (Eevee's footage doesn't involve Ash, but it does show that it is strong enough to defeat a Druddigon).

    I already see people speculating about Movie 16 revolving around Team Plasma.
    "In BW Season 2, we get information that TR, who supposedly returned to Kanto, is back?! What on earth is their aim?!"

    At least Team Rocket are confirmed to return after the league, so Episode N won't just be an incorporation of the games' plot. But the wording all but confirms that the setting will be Unova, or at least a place other than Kanto. I didn't really want to see Kanto again, but anything would be better than staying in the same place. What was the point of having Team Rocket return to Kanto if it didn't mean anything?
    The TV Tokyo website apparently says that this is a new chapter. I think that "Episode N" is a really silly title, especially since it is just tacked onto "Season 2".

    Best Wishes was fast-paced to begin with, but did the writers always plan on a filler saga dedicated to Team Plasma? This seems like such a desperate move, which could be explained by the lackluster ratings. I'd actually be impressed if they made N the main character, but I don't see that happening despite the misleading title.
    I don't know what to make of this "Episode N" announcement. I can't say that I'm completely surprised since I had a dream about something like this happening out of nowhere.

    It's too little, too late. If anything, they should have done this when B2W2 were released. Keeping the Unova League and Team Plasma stories separated makes no sense, unless the new chapter is really going to revolve around N as opposed to Ash, but that seems doubtful.

    I feel that this generation is all about retreading Unova multiple times. Generation VI can't be released soon enough.
    We don't know that it will be Ash's final battle, but it's obvious since Virgil is the last established rival. They aren't going to bring another character out of nowhere; even Tobias in the Sinnoh League had been heavily foreshadowed.

    Next month. Possibly before CoroCoro, but I wouldn't bet on it. There is actually a chance that the league will only end on January 17th if Kotetsu and Virgil's battles both take up two episodes, but I doubt it.
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