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  • They aren't the final two. All we know is that Ash will battle Kotetsu in the fourth round, and there are either two or three rounds after that (depending on whether or not the preliminaries are counted as the first round). Chances are that the preliminaries aren't part of the count, meaning that Ash will face Virgil in the fifth round when they're both in the Top 4.

    The anime never pulled off a debut that came out of left field. They are probably going to hype whatever is going to happen in the Virgil battle before the actual episode.
    Well, at least now it's confirmed that Virgil will be Ash's last opponent. Ash will battle Kotetsu in the December 20 episode, and there will most likely be a break the following week. After that, I expect to see two episodes devoted to the Virgil battle. If Eevee is going to evolve, I expect to see it happen on January 10th.
    Wow. Apparently, the number of reasonable people on SPPf is astoundingly low, since only two people have agreed with me so far. Everyone else is convinced that Team Plasma are going to return, and that anyone who thinks otherwise must hate them. BMGf may have its flaws, but at least intelligence isn't shockingly scarce.

    I wish some magazine would just reveal what Ash is going to do come January already. But I don't even watch the anime, so I really need to stop caring about any of this.
    Some people still think that remakes will be released for the 3DS next year. But I think even those people are starting to give up after seeing the Groudon and Kyogre distribution.

    It's unfortunate that we probably won't have any real details about Generation VI until April, except for one or two Pokémon. Sure, it will be nice to prove all those fans wrong, but that isn't enough.
    Jump Festa's date is December 22-23.

    I don't understand why some people on other forums (I've even seen Youtube comments) are not expecting a new main game next year. They've had the 3DS development kit for practically 3 years so they should already be deep into developing the actual Gen VI games.
    They are probably not aware of the development kits, or they have their own silly reasons to want Generation V to last longer than it should. Although usually that reason is the desire to see remakes...

    I'm getting pretty fed up with the fandom. I had grown tired of reading the conspiracy theories on SPPf about Team Plasma deliberately not appearing until the league, so I finally posted there. Of course, some of the members there can't be reasoned with, and now they think they're vindicated since Looker's VA has tweeted that his character is going to appear on the show next year. To them, that confirms that not only Team Plasma will come back, but the original episodes will air and Ash will stay in Unova. Wonderful logic.

    Looker isn't even in B2W2. I won't lie: I don't see why he is being brought back, but it could easily be related to Team Rocket in Kanto. The thing that annoys me most is that the Team Plasma fanatics are ignoring the fact that Operation Tempest ended with a promise that Team Rocket will return to the show. And yet, many fans have made up their minds that if Team Rocket have left Unova, that means that they're going to be replaced with Team Plasma.

    This AgentPierce person also said this:

    Except that there is NO evidence that any progress has been made on Gen VI, let alone that it's going to be coming next year.
    This is how he rationalizes that Team Plasma can have a proper role on the show. How laughable.
    Actually, plenty of evolutions occur mid-battle in Best Wishes. As for moves, my theory has always been that Eevee should evolve via learning a new move. The third league episode is going to be about Iris' Axew getting lost, and apparently Virgil will be involved in finding it. This seems pretty pointless, but perhaps it will lead to Eevee learning a new move (it needs to replace Helping Hand with something useful in single battles). It might not master the move at first (this frequently happens in the anime), which would justify putting off the evolution until later.

    I can't see Virgil giving Eevee to Ash. The last episode really emphasized how close Virgil and Eevee are.
    For those of you with the Japanese Black 2 & White 2 games, another new PWT Download has been announced. This special tournament is based upon the upcoming Unova League in the anime and features in-game representations of the characters Trip, Stephan, Kotetsu and Virgil and has their teams and is done in a Single Battle. It will go live on . We'll provide full teams when it goes live December 3rd and is the first to have an end date, lasting until January 31st.
    There is also a screenshot with an Oshawott battling Eevee. I feel uneasy about this. Granted, Virgil is going to use Eevee in the league even if it evolves, but why are they spoiling everyone's teams? I'd like to say that the anime will end up deviating from the in-game data, but I have doubts.
    The upcoming movie news is nothing unusual, at least as far as we know. Preliminary movie titles and brief trailers have always been revealed in December.

    I just hope that Jump Festa won't be wasted on a spin-off game, pushing the Generation VI announcement to January.
    You know that I agree from our many discussions about a post-league region in B2W2, or lack thereof. :) Frankly, it still baffles me that Game Freak made the right step in Generation II only to regress from that in subsequent generations. I guess that they thought that releasing more games (remakes) made up for not offering an extended story in a given game, but that's flawed thinking which just leads to multiple games having a lackluster journey (and the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts in this case). To make matters worse, we don't even have remakes in the current generation, so Unova is all there is to see. As a result of that, even the anime doesn't have enough content to work with.

    If they want to maximize their profit, they can split two regions between two versions, and make it possible to share player data between the two versions. You should read this discussion about how Game Freak should use the Zelda Oracle games as an inspiration.

    Space hasn't been a real issue for some time now. As you know, B2W2 use a 512MB cartridge but the data only takes up 300MB (and even then, there is a lot of redundant leftover data from Black and White). But perhaps even more space and the advent of DLC will make Game Freak change their minds. Maybe I should tweet Masuda about this, but he never replies to serious questions.
    Translating the games faster makes far more sense than rushing Game Freak, and in any case, B2W2 are a special case since Nintendo want to wrap up the DS games. Could Generation VI be released in June? Yes, but the fact that Genesect is going to have some role in Movie 16 strongly implies that Best Wishes won't be over by July.

    The writers should take advantage of Kanto and Johto's proximity, which they didn't really do in the Johto saga or the Battle Frontier one. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but Best Wishes has been fairly mediocre so far. Mostly, I'm just tired of reading baseless speculation about Team Plasma and the Unova Elite Four.
    Like with Black and White, HGSS weren't worked on at full force at every point in their development cycle. After all, Game Freak were also developing Platinum and Black and White at the same time. Diamond and Pearl, on the other hand, took up much of Game Freak's time in 2004-2006 (although they also developed Drill Dozer). I remember thinking that HGSS would have a ton of new content due to how long they had been developed, but I hadn't taken into account that Generation V could be released for the DS.

    Eevee being given to Ash would hardly be a bad thing for those of us who want to see a new Eeveelution. In fact, that would make it even more likely to evolve, but not for a while. However, I don't see this happening; Virgil is confirmed to use Eevee in the league, and it doesn't really make sense that he would part ways with Eevee just because he won or lost to Ash. The anime hasn't actually done anything like that before.

    I'm surprised at the number of people at SPPf who think that Ash will stay in Unova, even though he's been to every important location by now. And Team Plasma appearing so late (without any foreshadowing since their debut episodes were banned) would make no sense at all, especially when Team Rocket's story hasn't been wrapped up yet. This is what I think will happen, although I wouldn't be surprised if the writers did something random.
    A new generation actually only takes a bit longer than two years to develop; I'd say 2.5 years is a good estimation. We know for a fact that Diamond and Pearl entered development at some point in 2004 (after FRLG's release date), and the serious development probably only started after the DS' release later that year. As for Black and White, Masuda had the luxury of starting to brainstorm ideas as soon as he was done with Diamond and Pearl, but that was only possible since he wanted to release Generation V for the DS. Even then, the actual development only started in 2008; everything Masuda had done before that was at a conceptual level, and he had only worked with about five people. In other words, it is more than possible for Generation V to be developed in 3-3.5 years (depending on whether or not the development started as soon as Game Freak received the 3DS kit in early 2010).

    We only have information about the first three league episodes (up until December 6th), so it is no surprise that so far there is no sign of a new evolution. The Eevee+Eeveelutions promotion is going strong (it is becoming rather excessive), but I'd be careful about interpreting that as a hint. Virgil and Team Eevee will make their debut this week, so hopefully there will be some kind of (loose) foreshadowing.
    Conquest was more or less simultaneously announced at Jump Festa and on the official website, and even the western media took notice of it. Besides, those Nintendo conferences weren't an international thing.
    Diamond and Pearl were just two of the DS titles revealed during a Nntendo press announcement in October 2004. It was a low-key announcement because the games had hardly been in development at that point. Generation V was branded as a "new original RPG for the DS" by Tsunekazu Ishihara (via the official website) and Satoru Iwata (another press conference) on January 29th, 2010. It was a vague announcement and Ishihara didn't even confirm that new Pokémon would be involved, but Iwata did. A week later Masuda appeared on Pokémon Sunday to reveal Zoroark's silhouette.

    I don't see why they shouldn't announce Generation VI at Jump Festa. If the next spin-off game is a new concept, then what happened with Conquest may repeat itself. But if it's another Ranger game, a special announcement like that would be overkill.

    If Eevee evolves, it will most likely happen in the end of the Unova League - January 10th or January 17th by my projection. Jump Festa is scheduled for December 22-23rd, so the gap between the game announcement and the new Pokémon's reveal would be very close to the gap in Zoroark's case (it was revealed by CoroCoro in mid-February).
    How pointless. A Japanese show does not need to promote a game release in other countries.

    Jump Festa is our next hope, then.
    Oh, that's right. People won't even be able to import the Japanese versions unless they have a Japanese 3DS. How silly of Nintendo.
    While I agree that the new graphics are appealing, I don't like Mystery Dungeon's gameplay. The story would have to be extremely good for me to buy the game, and either way, I won't buy a 3DS until I have a really good reason to do so.

    You could say that I am an observer far more than I am a player. But it is only fair that 3DS emulation won't be an option anytime soon; I'll have to consider buying new games more carefully.
    It could be the announcement of Generation VI. After all, Generation V was announced in January 2010 only four months after HGSS' release, and it's already been three months since B2W2 were released. The fact that Mystery Dungeon 3DS is being promoted now is irrelevant, as Ranger 3 had just been revealed when Generation V was announced. But yes, it could also be something far less interesting like another Wi-Fi event (say for Jirachi or Deoxys to commemorate Ruby and Sapphire's anniversary). I wouldn't complain if he announced an eShop release of the older games, though.

    So are you going to buy B2W2? I haven't changed my mind.
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