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  • Yeah I'd prefer to have the Exeggcute please :D .. IV's I said earlier, no EV's at all.. Chlorophyll ability, Modest nature..That'd be awesome, thanks so much :)
    Does it have any EV's? :eek: .. 'Cos I'd want it to have 252 EV's in Spec Atk and Speed, and then 4 in HP .. Although that's fairly self-explanatory, hehe.. But yeah, otherwise the Exeggcute would be awesome :)
    Yeah, don't do the Thundurus then :) .. And I'd want an Exeggcute who's Modest who has 31 IV's in HP, Def and Spec Def, and then 30 IV's in Att, Spec Att and Speed.. It may seem weird, but it's because I want a max power Hidden Power Fire :) .. If you could do that for me, that'd be amazing
    Could you do a Thundurus who has 31 IV's in every stat except Speed? With a Timid nature :eek:

    Or, could you do an Exeggcute who has 31 IV's in every stat except Attack, Special Attack and Speed, with a Modest nature? :eek:

    Dunno how complicated these are as I don't know how RNG works.. But if that's too much, then lemme know and I'll think of something simpler :eek:
    Just wondering, since I saw your name on the Forums, I was wondering If you watched Code Lyoko before cause one of the characters is named "Aelita" :)
    Ok, I'm heading to the room now. I have 5 pokemon for tradebacks. If you need my FC, it's in my signature and on my about me section.
    Ok. So how exactly does this work? Do I just trade you a fodder pokemon, hold onto your pokemon, then trade it back on your other file?
    I have a ton of pokemon that need evolution tradebacks. How about I help you transfer your pokemon, then you help me with maybe 4 or 5 tradebacks?
    Oh, well that's good. I just noticed something seemed to be wrong before...but if you don't want to talk about it, I understand. ^^;
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