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  • Yeah, man, I know. Then, they call anyone else who completely differs on their own opinions about the series "nostalgic" and such...what can you do, though, right?
    Oh god: from Snowpoint to Sunyshore, that 1 yr. filler gap was ridiculous...like, if the fillers were interesting, then it'd be okay. Yet, they were not...

    Let's hope Serena doesn't end up a bad Dawn Clone with a generic personality used to seduce Ash like she is now!
    DP just ruined Brock completely...I don't even know how the writers managed to screw his character up so badly.
    All he did was cook and flirt with women 90% of the time, which was depressing.
    I rank them: OS Brock > AG Brock > Cilan > DP Brock
    (Clemont = ?)
    Still, I can go with that, too.

    If he does that again, I'm going to lose it. I went crazy when he scanned Koffing again in Roxie's Gym...that was TOO much. Same here! lol.

    Agreed, man: I want to see that special SO much!
    It's the best series after 5 episodes where nearly everything has been rehashed from AG and DP so far? Really, fans? LMAO.
    I'm feeling it from Serena and Team Rocket ALREADY, man. Ash is better than the battle-hungry, no personality, douche he was in DP, though.
    I PRAY we do not go back to that 4 year soap opera drama hell we had to endure: how people say that is the best series apart from battles and Ash's rivalry with Paul, I will NEVER know.

    It's too obvious Serena is a clone of Dawn...with one goal so far: to seduce Ash. That's all I see...I'm sorry. xD.
    Brock got stale as crap in DP...not that his current voice actor in English made me like how dumb and thuggish he sounds (and acted in DP anyway) now.
    Bonnie...is just...there to be cute. I see no Max or Brock in her: I just see...a cute child with no personality. She's too flat and bland to me.

    Clemont is fine and unique, though: I like him so far.
    XY Ash is...fine as well. I like him as well...right now, anyway.

    We don't need DP Rocket back...even AG Rocket was better overall...there's nothing good about them in DP apart from the Cacnea and Dustox release episodes. I can't think of a single other time I didn't want them to blast off the moment they came on screen.

    I agree with all of your rankings of Team Rocket. Da! ruined everything that the prior sagas of BW built from the ground up, and regressed them back to DP Rocket.

    I think AG Rocket is the lesser of the two evils, but both them and DP Rocket are pretty bad, though.
    Well, you like OS, I like OS, you're an old fan, I'm an old fan, so we have a lot in common. lol.
    Yeah: hate it, apart from the 5th episode, which was good. Has DP style chars and drama with AG style plot so far, but the DP part is killing it for me.
    Serena is like a bad clone of Dawn, Bonnie is...worse than Max was, but Clemont is good.
    Team Rocket...are dumb idiots again, only practically pointless like they were in DP, but XY Ash is probably the first GOOD Ash since AG Ash, which is nice.
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