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  • To me she is great character both befoire and now,who made things more interesting when shes around so while i respect your opinion i wouldnt mind at all if she was ever to return.What im trying to say is that she still has personality which went through some change,by maturing as chracter moe but if she were to return she would be given probably by writers bigger rple to progress her story.Afterall they wouldnt bring her back after years of absence just for the sake of it.

    As it stands,coming back for one episode after every 5 to 10 years is unacceptable for most of her fans.
    Im sorry to hear that you were so much dissapointed with her,but you cant expect her being same like she was for example in Kanto and while you disagreee with this i appreciate her development becoming more independent and just as good gaining some new qualities while keeping old ones.
    Well i guess we share different opinions in here.To me Mirage Kingdom episodes with Togepi were great and many Misty fans liked them.Whole plot about Togepi being released,villains like Hanson,Mistys interactions with Ash and Brock were funny to me(that ear pull was epic),and goodbye scene with Togepi flying to Togepi Kingdom was touching.
    You probably miss Mistys temper which was toned down abit but to be honest if characters develop they cant stay 100% same.Misty as its been showed came long way since early days becoming more responsible and selfconfident in herself,still liking to tease others having certain doze of spunk in her and funny moments.It can be noticed how much May and Max admired her.
    She is still Misty we know,being just more mature/grown up girl at this point and time.
    Hi would you mind if i befriend you?
    I enjoyed talking with you,and we have some similar interests so i thought to ask.
    Nothing wrong with that,since it gives new dimensions to her character adding more depth to her making her seem more relistic(like in real life)and interesting
    Ah i understand you would like that everything ends already with pokeshipping becoming true,but if it doesnt ends having Misty return would possibly bring more pokeshiping hints,than it happens in nowdays appearing once after every half of decade.Lets face it you cant expect much romance involving in Mistys short cameos,since they are reserved to develop her storyline or help advance plot of others.Now having her as main would provide much more time with writers having opportunity to involve romance in tis show continuing on what they stopped throwing hints here and there.
    Regarding her goal,well by travelling she could come closer toward her dream since she needs to win tasks like Whirl Cup showed to come closer toward water master level,aswell battle stronger trainers than she gets at gym.
    Oh you didnt,well if you find time i suggest that you watch her Hoenn cameo with releasing Togepi or when she came back to beginning of Battle Frontier,both of her cameos were great in my opinion.There wasnt pokeshipping much in them,but they had other great things.
    And yes Misty has matured in specials,but i view that as positive thing-She turned from loud impatient girl to more resonsible and filled with selfconfidence girl.She is still bit hothead too liking to tease others(mainly Ash and brock),having sarcasm,phobias and her caring side having that competitive fire and determination in her,its just she is more grown up girl at this point.I know many people liked her temper but if someone growes up he cant stay 100% same forever,and it wasnt completeley gone with her over time starting to develop learning how to keep her anger better under control with other traits she had coming on surface more.Her temper was just one of mny things which made Mistys character great.
    However whenever Misty came it can be noticed how reunited trio feels like friends,with her teasing of Ash and Brock and funny remarks.Her character to simply put makes things more lively.For example thanks to sarcastic remarks,anger,aswell deep caring side she has for friends she pushes Ash to improve himself awaking in him conflict and spark.Since she isnt present,characters like Dawn simply because of their different attitude and traits cant create same effect.

    Sorry for not elaborating more on it,but profile messages have character limit.Though if your interested in more detailed version why Mistys return could potentially improve current series,i can PM you.
    I understand,and regarding Mistys treatment in Johto well you can thank this to ex head writer Takeshi Shudo and lack of experience with writing not being on same level in some things(it was perfectly fine regarding others).

    However i can assure how in these days Misty would be handled better with writers expandng more on her dreams,giving her fair amount of screentime aswell benefit of bringing better interaction between characters in group.
    Going by older seasons and Mistys cameos in Hoenn and at Pallet reunion it can be noticed how atmosphere is more dynamic with her around,with character interaction being more interesting.From what i noticed,reason why character interacting wasnt on same kevel in later seasons was because of different characters and pesonalities causing group chemistry to not work so well.Like case with Brock and Dawn in DP feeling more like strangers than friends.
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