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  • I can battle you on:
    * Monday 27th April at 21:00 (GMT) (Today)
    * Wednesday 29th April at 17:00 (GMT) and 21:00 (GMT)
    Let me know if you can't battle then.

    Commenting on the battle we're having, how, might I ask, is Ambipom in a Cherish Ball? I don't remember hearing about event Aipom/Ambipom... Plus, it's nicknamed...
    haha thanks, but that team did take ages to get together, your team are wicked too :) have you ev'd them all properly? i was surprised that gengar was faster than alakazam, but i do like your team :) your mamoswine's wicked :)
    good game :) it wasnt as one sided as the results make it seem, i had a lot of luck, i doubt i would have killed mamoswine without the critical hit, very ncie team though :)
    just wondering :) i've battled a few of them, they're tricky haha managed to defeat quite a few of their pokemon, but still havent managed my first win haha, good luck when you start battling them :)
    my code is 1676 9625 8259, i'll be online in 2 minutes :) good luck!
    just give me 5 mins, im in the battle tower, and i'll be with you :)
    btw, are you challenging the gyms online? :)
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