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  • Both now.

    First in my fanfiction. One of my good friends gave me the name, "Rayne". Then I named a Lopunny that in either my Diamond or Pearl version. Can't remember which one.
    Heh, you know what is ironic?

    First time I saw your profile, you had a Lopunny in your sig. I have a Lopunny character named Rayne.
    I think the same happens to me
    but if don't look to the clocks for a long time, you will get lost in time
    I'm glad you had a good time. :D
    "Merry Christmas"? o_O Wonder what he meant by that....
    I've walked around part of a city, but I've never encountered open markets.
    How much French do you know?

    Yeah, Rex has stayed out of trouble. But he doesn't like going to the vet, and he's kind of heavy (~60 lbs), so walking him, lifting him into the car, then trying to hold him still while he had his temperature taken and got a shot made me sore this whole past weekend, so that wasn't fun.... D:
    Well, not too roughed up, though some seem to have forgotten how to play the One Letter at a Time game.... And NOT Moises made a silly, cute poem game. XD

    Your trip obviously went well. What all happened?
    C'est vrai... but I'm one of those people who doesn't really know how to respond, so to me my responses feel... contrived (I guess), terse, and disinterested, like something a cashier would say.

    Meh. >.> Maybe I do worry too much....
    Oh. Well, I hope you have good time on your vacation and get enough for your trip. (Not much of a conversationalist, I am. ^_^;; )
    Hey, thanks for the friend request. =] Just saying a little hallo. And may I add,


    Ima good now. ^-^
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