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  • Yeah, though the explaination is it creates a 'circuit' pretty much, so the effect spreads rapidly over the planet. But that's probably a little to complex for Sokka.
    Yeah. You know, I can already imagine Sokka's reaction to going to Spyro's world, since the characters would notice their appearence changes to fit the world's style. I could imagine the others being concerned with stopping Malefor and then Sokka being concerned that he looks different.
    Yeah, it involved the time freezing thing in Eternal Night, Spyro froze himself, Cynder, and Sparx in time to save them...well their bodies aged, but they still didn't need to eat or anything. Anyway, it warped time.
    Or vice versa. Pretty much, they run side by side to one another, yeah, the events are different, but they share signifigance. Thanks to Spyro controling time to do it, I was even able to work it out so Ozai fought Aang at the exact same time Cynder and Spyro fought Malefor.
    Yeah, it'd also let Roku and Ignitus forshadow Ozai's return, as if events line up (I've worked on it, and been able to line things up) and Malefor is back, then it makes sense something bad would happen in the Avatar world.
    Yeah, true. Spyro mainly had never been to Spirit World before.

    How about, just a thought, if Malefor destroyed his world, it'd have an effect on the Avatar world?
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