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  • I finally managed to RNG IVs! :D

    Naive | 31/30/30/31/31/31 | HP Ice 70

    Timid | 31/30/30/31/31/31 | HP Ice 70
    I heard that shiny eggs weren't RNG'able in B/W yet? Shiny captures are, but not eggs :s

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for the help! :D I hope the egg moves seem like a good enough payment for the time being :]

    Edit: I'm heading off now, it's getting late over here. Thanks again for the help. :]
    I know, I just thought that. :/ I'll just wait until shiny egg RNG is cracked (if it is). Then once I do that I'll redo the ones with the caps.
    I'm trading you Male Egg Move pokes'. So you may want to hang on to them, or you may not. It's up to you ^_^ Just letting you know that they're not complete fodder. :p
    Damn. No way. D:

    Sure. It'll probably end up being tomorrow, I guess.
    Alright, I'm heading in now.

    If the trade won't connect we should leave and re-enter. It's exremely temperamental sometimes.
    Damp Jellicent is also pretty bad--it's a Ghost-type, so it's immune to Explosion/Selfdestruct. Although, Doubles/Triples it would be kind of useful.

    Oh, my bad. I didn't realise HMs couldn't be sent over. :/
    I have Espeon, but it's Japanese. It's Timid, though. So it's not a complete loss.

    Well, that's not that bad for Durant. It'll be useful in Doubles/Triples, I guess. It learns Entrainment, so it can always pass the ability over to cripple the opponent or force switches. Although, that's an extremely gimmicky strategy and the ability hinders yourself awfully.

    Serene Grace Sawsbuck, Quick Feet Jolteon, Rotom Fan (Electric/Flying) having Levitate, Insomnia Delibird (it already knew Vital Spirit) and Heatmor learning Curse but having NO physical Fire STAB at all. Completely trolly. There's probably others that I can't remember, they like to do stuff like that.

    Let me know when you're ready and have finished transferring. I take it that you have two DS's then?
    I went in a few times when it first started up. The first few tries were fails--something to do with my connection, I guess. The third time I got in properly, and managed to get a Male Flame Body Ponyta. So I never went back in lol. I've already got quite a few female DW abilities in my thread. I really want a Sap Sipper Girafarig, though :/ It's quite fun, but I'm not overly impressed, I'll leave it to other people to play.

    Sure. That would be awesome. Hopefully it's not too much of a hassle for you ^_^
    Is it a hack? :s

    Oh, I've been releasing the other pokes' you've traded me? Were you wanting them back? :O
    No, it's just a regular Blitzle, but it has HP Grass 70. I tried breeding for one, but getting the right nature, ability and Hidden Power with decent IVs is really annoying.

    Yeah, I've got a rather large amount of Gen V egg moves done so far. Once the Turtwig is sent over I will have all the best egg moves for Ferroseed. So far I have SR/Spikes and Leech Seed/Spikes. The Turtwig will breed with it and give me SR/Leech Seed. So I'll have them all then.

    Gen V breeding is alright. Pretty much the same as Gen IV, in fact, barring the complexities of breeding DW abilities, of course. ;P
    Still, shiny near-flawless Virizion is nice. :p

    Ooo. I would have gone with Net Ball (it just matches more to me). Although, the net that appears is ugly. Chihuahua is RNG'ing me a Blitzle in a luxury ball :D

    That fast? Awesome. I really need the Turtwig and Sableye the most though--I need them for egg moves. Oh, and Girafarig, just because I <3 it.
    :O Shiny Virizion! It's in a Heal Ball, right? :p I got a regular Jolly Virizion in a Nest Ball on mine that has 30 Atk/Def/Speed iirc. So I didn't do bad with that one :p

    I'll have to give it a go sometime, then. :p

    Alright, I'll head in now with another six. Will you be able to transfer some of these tonight? Or will it take you a day or two to transfer?
    Not shiny eggs, no. Just regular breeding with non-shiny eggs. I tried to Masuda for a shiny Blitzle but it didn't work and I got fed up. :(

    I know, I've heard it's relatively simple; chihuahuaowner was explaining it to me the other day, and saying that she would help me do it, but I was busy at the time so had to put it off. I have a few days off this week and next so I might get a chance to try it out then. How many attempts/days did it take for you to learn?

    Shall I get another 6 or is 12 enough for the time being? :]
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