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  • Aww, I'm sorry to hear that you're sick. Seems like lots of people are sick now. Must be the weather. Hope you get better soon.

    It sounds like you had fun last night except for the obnoxious people. It's mind boggling how rude people can be these days. =/

    Anyway, congrats with starting work. It's good to have a job these days as well. I know I was lucky to have one over the summer. Hopefully it all works out for you.
    I saw your new thread in the Black and White section. If you go to Pokébeach, it shows what has happened and should help you catch up.
    You're welcome! :D

    Anyway, things are going okay for me. I keep thinking about my girl but hopefully things will work out between us sooner than late. Glad you're doing good too. Yeah, finding a job can be a real pain, I still don't have one either. But if you can't get a job, going to college helps too. Getting a few extra skills is always a plus but I imagine it's not too fun having to go to school in the summer, I know I wouldn't like to but if it's worth it in the long run, I'd probably do it too.
    Hey buddy! It's good to hear from you again! =3

    Yeah, I know, the 503's are driving me insane as well, especially when I go to send a private message I've been working on for a while and I get a 503 and then the question is, did it send or not?

    So, you got HG today? That's awesome! I need to get it but I need a DS too but money is in short supply for me right now so I guess I'll just have to wait. It's no biggie though.

    Anyway, I'm doing pretty good, I got to talk to one of my closest friends again last night that I haven't seen in at least a year so that was a pretty nice night. Other than that, not much else has been going on. I've been walking everyday now trying to get back in shape and it's going well. In fact in doing so, I'm starting to appreciate nature again. :)
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