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  • No worries--whenever you're able. I'm on vacation right now so I'm pretty free. Take your time and good luck with finals!
    Sure, that's up to you. I still have the encounter list (which is pretty good, to be honest) for the run, so if you wanted to we could continue, but if you want to end it that's fine too. Keep in mind that Neon and Ash both took a year and two years to ever post (whereas Neon's eventually finished but Ash's is still ongoing). If you don't think you'll have time for it, I can post in claims thread to end it.
    Hello Soulmaster. Do you know the third Pokémon in your 3DS's friend safari? We have both added each other's 3DS friend codes to our friend lists but it seems that we haven't been online on Pokémon X or Y at the same time.
    Just to clarify are you supposed to sign up with your main account or your sockpuppet? Just want to make sure before I sign up ^_^
    Hihi! Just wanted to let you know that your post will be slightly delayed since it's Chainy's last week here and we're going camping and to the casino, but it will come as soon as I can!
    no prob! I've got to get my ref test all finished up before I can test you though. Might be a few days with work and everything. I'll try to get it done ASAP though ^^
    I'm sorry about rushing you, it's just that this is my first mafia game and I'm still pretty excited to be getting answers back.
    Hihi ^^ It's great to see you posting again. I will get to your run as soon as I can--I'm actually out of state at a wedding right now, so it might be a couple days. But never fear, you'll see a response soon!
    I can't really figure out which role to give Thor. I've tried so much roles for him, but in the end it doesn't really fit him. Help?
    I think I forgot to write what I wanted in that PM reply to you. What I meant to write is, "Thank you for telling me, I'll get right to it." :>
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