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  • No problems man! I want to wish you good luck! And it has been awesome knowing you as well. I have to thank you especially for introducing me to Mistborn and Brandon Sanderson. Really live those books. And dont be nervous about being an adult. Millions of people has done it before, and for a nice guy like you, I think (despite my lack of experience for living as an adult) it will turn out great.
    So dont worry about me, I just hope you have all luck and success in life :)

    Good luck, and thanks for your friendship.
    I went there slong with my fellow confimands and a group of leaders. We were in Bayern, and looked at a lot of curches, but also the Eagles Nest (a house on a mountain which Hitler had as a vacation place). It was an awesome trip, and I got to see a lot of cool mountains, we ate a lot of fast food (yummy) and everybody was really nice.
    Ok. Judt message me when you return. I apologize for not replying, I have been in Germany this past week, and when I got home I did not feel like replying. But now I am back.
    Yeah kinda forgot he made a small Role in Zero Dark Thirty, been so long since I saw Moneyball so I wouldn't recognize him. Oh I've seen a Blooper Reel of him for Parks and Rec, he seems SOOOOOOO HYSTERICAL there!! :)

    Yeah Jurassic World ended up being the BIGGEST Opening EVER. Nice list there. LOL The Man From U.N.C.L.E. has Superman and the Lone Ranger LOL. MockingJay Part 2 YES!! In the Heart Of the Sea looks interesting. And Star Wars HELL YES!!!!!!!

    I heard complaint about that the characters in Jurassic World was stereotypical, but good that Pratt made a good perfromance at least. Also, I have not seen Parks and Recreation, but I heard about it before. Its a comedy, I think, and Chris Pratt is in it. Dont know anything else about it.

    I saw that it had broken records. Looks like this will be a pretty successful movie.
    REALLY? Chris Pratt was my Favorite, he's had 3 GREAT Movies now IMO. His Voice Work in The Lego Movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and now Jurassic World. But yeah REALLY THOUGHT it was AWESOME!! I'd say Overall my 3 Favorites were: Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson, and Irrfan Khan were my Favorites. Thought it was HILARIOUS that Jimmy Fallon made a Cameo :)

    But yeah, this could get in my Favorites of the Year maybe :)
    Oh that's neat that U saw Jurassic World twice this weekend! :) I saw it Friday Night and LOVED IT! :) Chris Pratt was GREAT ONCE AGAIN!!!!!! :)
    Sorry for not replying, saw the messages, thought: I will reply later. Maybe that was not very good.

    Cool! I will probably see it as well, but it will most likely take a while until I do so. How was Chris Pratt?
    That's good to hear. I don't like the thought of someone getting injured, so that's a relief.
    I know what that's like. I'm the kind of guy who only does a few things in his spare time (play games and read stuff on the internet), but that doesn't really bother me. As long as I'm doing something that keeps me entertained, I really don't mind the lack of variety in my activities.
    Yeah, the I like our system. I have gone in the same school for 9-10 years now, and there are a group of people that I have known for a huge part of my life. Some of them, I wont see for a very long time now, since we all chose different gymnasiums. Although some of them might get the gymnasium I want to go to, so I might see some of them for another three years.

    They did not translate it, but made it sound more swedish. It is called allomantik.
    Acoording to my father, it is like 60% high school and 40% college. I dont exactly know in what age you guys enter college/high school and how advanced it is, so I asked him. And about the age, we start when we are five/six, and end at fifteen/sixteen.

    It is called Sista Riket which is can be translated to The Final Empire. Though The Final Empire sounds better. They did not translate the Mistborn part though, not in the title anyways (I suspect they did it inside of the book, because they did translate allomancy).
    Oh, thats bad. It sounds like there is some hard work into owning a cat.

    Well, school ends next friday, which is quite special, because this was (is) my last term. Next term, I will be going to a new school, called gymnasium, because I have had my ten years in school now.
    And also, I discovered that The Final Empire has been translated to swedish. Although the swedish title is much worse than the english one. In english, it sounds cool. In swedish it sounds... bad.
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