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  • Hi! I have school off till Monday so maybe we could fix up a gym match? I'm usually free from 5-10PM PST.
    I thought about making an ironic echo cut in The Gijinka Project by having a character think "it's a good thing no one important got injured" and showing the 3rd Squad's side of the story.
    I've seen people abuse it too.

    Player: Don't worry GM I'll only have the basic Sharingan for a long time.
    *Unlocks Super Ultimate Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan with Rinnegan...on Page 2 of RP*
    Player: What it's like a whole page later that's so long.
    I CAN see someone having a Sharingan, as you can easily say that some Uchiha were tired of fighting the Senju and left to do their own thing before Konoha was founded. But yeah, Mokuton is exclusively a Hashirama ability, so unless we have teenagers running around performing dangerous experiments, than yeah no way in hell are they having that.

    But I actually thought about having a White Zetsu clone, the VERY last of it's kind who somehow survived the war popping up in random places, until it gets captured by either Root or the Third in Command of the Mercenaries who uses it to repair his arm.
    Bulbagarden it is than. Should we place any limits on characters? I don't want everyone running around with Mangekyo hax and Mokuton.
    I really want to put it here, cause Bulbagarden is a really reliable site, but I don't think we'll get a lot of people. Not to mention that long-term RP's tend to die off...
    Yep! Well, we got that settled...anyway, the three main threats in the RP are -
    -The Western Nation and their Emperor
    -Root, with their leader.
    -Seven Mercenaries, though they only become a real threat after the third in command takes control.

    So should this start at the same time as the epilogue?
    True. Alright, an in-story reason for the Biju not being around...The Kage watch over them to make sure no Akatsuki knockoffs try to catch them.
    I think Gaara, Killer B, and Naruto are the only Jinchuuriki left. The other Biju are just chilling in their homes, but should we allow players to be Jinchuuriki?
    I don't think Sasuke is banished. I think it was said somewhere by Kishimoto that's he's traveling around to sorta discover the past behind Kaguya so they can stop something like that from happening again. So while he's definitely not in Konoha in the beginning, I'm sure we can probably have him MIA in the later parts.

    And I'm pretty sure Naruto would be forced to stay in Konoha for most of what's going down, since I'm pretty sure he'll believe in his ninjas enough that he won't interfere until it's outright war. I'm pretty sure that Sasuke and Naruto both lost the Sage chakra, or at least we can say that after the Last Movie they lost the chakra.

    Another thing...what will we do about Jinchuuriki?
    One major problem we'll have to look at is Naruto and Sasuke. Considering they're practically gods, they could end the entire plot by themselves. Any ideas on how to deal with them?
    Well I was thinking we could have that to be the general set of most of the Western Nation soldier NPCs. So while the stones are powerful, real life chakra is the purer form of energy, so they need chakra to power their superweapon/mecha.
    Hey yeah! Oh, and you remember Temujin? The knight guy from the second movie? Didn't he come from the Western Nations or something?
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