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  • Unless you're busy with something (In which case sorry for nagging you), some feedback on my fic like you mentioned in my thread would be cool. If there are any stories of yours you'd like me to look at in return, that's even better.
    Yeah i found out about one hour after my last message. Very Nicely done, i must say. You got me fooled for months. However there will always be a probability that Pokemon Grey/Gray/3rd will add a part similar to it, or expand to the mysterious jungle to the west of the map.
    Hey, I might sound dumb but What IS, East Unova. No Wiki Mentions it, Your siggy map looks too real. A possible way to get to there ingame? Please tell.
    If you have some time, I'd be very interested regarding your opinion on this as I know that you follow the dub episodes.
    Just posting to say that your video on the similarities between Nacrene City and New York was really good. It was excellently documented and very pleasing to watch. I hope it becomes a series.
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