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  • What time are you free to battle? I understand you didn't log in yet, but it's important to note that we are supposed to battle.
    Hi! How are you?

    Want to do a Challenge LC Battle on Pokemon Online? I'll be using one Pokemon against your team of 6 LC Pokemon.

    WARNING: My Pokemon will be very tough.
    You can get Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina in Heartgold and Soulsilver at Lv. 1. You need to have an event Arceus, and go to the Ruins of Alph, and then you'll be teleported by some Unown to this place called Sinjo Ruins. And then after you deposit all your Pokemon besides Arceus in this PC up there, you go to this trianglur stage, and Arceus makes this blue/pink/brown shape egg thing, which hatches into Dialga/Palkia/Giratina, depending on which one you chose.

    Sinjoh Ruins - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
    What should I do with the Lugia, I mean, if I were to train it, what would it be good for, know what I mean?
    I know, but it's a one-shot thing, no matter what.

    I just got the Lugia, and it seems... descent.

    13–15 HP; 5–7/8–9 Physical; 28–29/15–16 Special; 29 Speed (Lugia) Hardy Nature

    What do you think?
    I'll keep it. I might train it but I don't know. I hope the next Telepathy Dialga I get is better. I just hope that it's Sp. Atk is a bit better. I think 20 Sp. Atk IV would be nice. And also, I hope for a Modest nature, but the next best nature would be Quiet, and then the next best after Quiet would be all the neutral natures, like Serious. Wish me luck for the next Dialga... Because I won't get another chance after that.

    What do you think of these Pokemon?

    29 HP; 0–2/3–4 Physical; 23–24/10–12 Special; 26–27 Speed (Landorus-T) Relaxed Nature

    2–4 HP; 13–14/13–14 Physical; 15–17/15–17 Special; 23 Speed (Thundurus-T) Timid Nature

    9–11 HP; 7–9/20 Physical; 0–3/17–19 Special; 18–20 Speed (Tornadus-T) Modest Nature

    The next Pokemon I'm going to try for is Lugia. Wish me luck!
    It's Timid. Plus it doesn't have good IVs ether...

    8–9 HP; 29/0–2 Physical; 10–12/8–9 Special; 28–29 Speed (Dialga)
    Hi! How are you?

    I just got a Dialga on Pokemon Dream Radar, and it has the weirdest nature ever. I'm not sure about it, so I want to get your input on it.
    I know, but I'm going to battle my friends with my team. They're not competive battlers, but still...
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