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  • You agreed to wifi prizes, but we neither know their ivs nor will all battlers benefit from them. Are we really going to proceed with this?
    Looks like my mass vm'ing paid off.:p

    I think we should increase the size of the tourney. We already have 12 and more might sign later. If we do, please announce it in the thread.
    You haven't listed an AIM account for the URPG, so you can have up to 3 forum battles at once. Care to have another one?
    okay, I am reserving the second post of the thread for it. Check it out.

    And I presume that both you and Rockman.exe will also be participating as both battlers and organizers?
    btw, you can use psych up + focus sahs alakazam against volcarona. Let volcarona get to +6 or anything.
    Switch in alakazam after something is killed, use psych up to copy all his stat changes and survive the attack by sash. Then kill him with a +6 psyshock and even sweep your opponent's team if it is possible.
    Eep, i forgot a new version came out... I've been using Showdown more as of late. One second, lemme download the update
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