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  • Hmm... see the Cloning Request Thread. By the way, your profile background is so distracting and makes the text hard to read.
    Ill take care of berries and stuff. I could even clone a Darkrai! And hacking rare items... mmm, its drastic, but we can try. I have tonnes of Salac berries, and those are REALLY rare.
    As long as there is no Classic Ribbon or Premier Ribbon, you can trade it through GTS.
    Oh, and a lot of other things. As long as it doesn't have any event ribbons. That means any event that can be cayght by the player. (Read: not much)
    GTS doesn't allow 4th gen events. Most of them. Only Flower Paradise Shaymin is allowed.
    Ok then... Im not sure hacking Pokemon is a good idea, and I think perhaps I can handle berries. Maybe we could get someone to clone A Darkrai? And they should trade it to either of us so we may check legit-ness.
    Any way, about the tourney for the order of shadows, we need a few things...
    1: Prize. People won't join tourneys if they have no PRIZE. Any ideas?
    2: Runner up prizes: Same thing. A TM, Or Item will sufice. Perhaps dark type Tms?
    3: Rules: Leave this to me.

    I was thinking, for rules...

    1: OHKO Clause.
    2: Entrents MUST have a legit Darkrai in their team.
    3: Entrents MUST Join the O.S.D And Stay.

    Cant think of any others. What do you think?
    Oh snap! I know what you're saying now. Renaming it won't do anything. We'll just have to hope you can sort out your wifi situation then.
    Okay. I can't give it a nickname, but what I'll do is give it an item so you know it's mine. I'll tell you what that item will be in a PM. Plus, just look for my trainer name and the Celebi will be level 70. I'm waiting on a trade right now, so I'll have to do it after that. What time is it for you right now and how long will you be on?
    Yeah, I don't think you'll need a new wifi router. It must be your firewall settings. I'll try to hold on to that Celebi for you until you get it fixed. As a last resort, we could always try making our trade through the GTS.
    Well about 15 minutes ago you want online and for whatever reason we reached the trading screen, but you had three berries with you @.@ I think Nintendo WFC is going crazy xD
    Yeah, but a wireless what? A router? Or USB adapter? Okay, that's no problem. I wonder why it worked that one time you had berries.
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