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  • Oh well maybe i'll give it a try in between minecraft sessions. I think I was turned off by that game because of a previous game called Outpost 2, and some of the screens I way for some reason reminded me of it and it was horrible bad
    Yeah I saw your post on other games you play and you said Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Is it a good game? I've actually had it for a few years but Never actually installed it. It came in a pack of five games as a birthday gift and the game Celtic Kings was the only one I really played.
    Yay! Glad to hear you're back into Pokemon again! =D

    As for me, I have a job now. I work at Toys R Us, lol.

    I'm saving money, so I can try to attend New York Anime Festival in October. <3
    Being generally awesome. HGSS got me back into Pokemon, though sadly I've been too busy to play recently. I always love the period just before release of a new generation in Japan. It seems like all the smart people come out of the rocks they're hiding under, and make an appearance.
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