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  • Sorry i haven't read your new chapter, it's just that I've been on vacation xD
    My girlfriend was the one that made it xD I saw her while she was making it but I can't remember the program she used to make it.
    Well now that I'm done with my award reading I can go and read your new chapter : D which reminds me I sitll haven't read the oneshot.
    Well at least you were able to get this chapter done fast so that's good xD

    By the way did you get a chance to read the new chapter?
    Hey! Awesome! It's really good fun and addictive. I'll add your FC shortly. :D
    Well I was thinking we could do a review exchange, I'll read your recent chapter plus the oneshot (I hate you for posting your fic's oneshot before I posted my fic's oneshot xD) and I was wondiering if you could read SYR in exchange.
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