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  • Hi there! Long time no see :) Your run is still open with me, so if you want to continue that, by all means, we can do so. It's your turn to post, so just whenever you get to it!
    I did go ahead and write a post. I don't remember how to @you and I'm definitely not certain i can do it on mobile! So i thought I'd let you know and ping you here.

    I do intend to try to capture Sunkern next post, if nothing comes up-- just a walk over and friendly catch.
    Well if you don't want to linger, then we can move on. You can trigger it or mention to the Ranger or something to that effect if you like. And really, you can make up some details if you want. The Park layout is not set in stone for anyone because that limits creativity. It lets people come up with stuff on the go and change it up every time if they wish. I have a head-canon of what I envision certain areas of the Park look like, but sometimes I forget or want to do something different. The Ranger doesn't control everything, like your character and your mons, just mostly the reactions of the wild mons and Trainers aren't allowed to just say certain mons pop up. If you create a few details for setting, it's not a big deal. It's not like you're gonna get in trouble for that, and I would give a notice if anything was an issue anyway.

    More of the world will be revealed when we move on, which, in my head canon, is the statue area with the fountain. I'm not going to plot out all the details because that leaves room to explore for people, and I can then fill in as we go.

    Actions playing back and forth endlessly doesn't have to happen. If you think you've done all you wanted to do here, then all you have to do is say that you want to move on now and we'll go somewhere else.

    Edit: Whoops, forgot to mention! Because you played with the Seedot a bit, the escape roll is no longer needed, so going elsewhere won't be a problem.
    As far as how to proceed next, there's quite a few options. I'll rattle some off as I brainstorm for a second here, and maybe that will help. We could start up a conversation, perhaps about what you want to know more about, what your aims are in the Park, what you're looking for, what you want to know about the Ranger, etc. You could also talk or interact with your own Pokemon or the wild Pokemon. It's pretty friendly and seems to want to play more so far, so it would probably react favorably to you. Depending on how you interacted/how the wild Pokemon responded, you could maybe ask it something. I've had it happen before where a Trainer asked a wild mon to take them a specific place or show them something and then the wild mon did so. In another one, a Trainer literally chased a mon through the trees. What sort of thing are you feeling? Wanting to play with it? Annoyed by it? Wanting Mora to do something specific?

    Honestly, my last post was my first post in quite a while, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was a little rusty. Not going to catch everything and respond to everything right away. But it's not like we're completely stuck. All it takes is another interaction to start something happening.
    I am aware there doesn't need to be recap. Sometimes in dialog, however, there does need to be a little bit. I can gladly RP conversations with you--I guess I just haven't seen a ton of it to reply to yet. For example, in your last post, you asked "so what should I do?" but in the next few paragraphs, you pretty much answered your own question by sending out Mora to play. The question for conversation came across as more rhetorical than directly asked to the Ranger. I'll be happy to talk about other things if you want your character to linger where we are. That's why communication is important. I'm glad you told me this now, although up front could've been cool too--I could've been asking you more questions. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't in a RP, if the person doesn't tell me otherwise.

    As far as the timeline thing goes, yeah, it's doable, but I don't like recapping or backtracking through time in my own posts when it's already past that point. It's not really necessary in an RP to cover every little thing, unless you want to stop and chit-chat or something for a little bit. Most people go through these runs not wanting to waste a lot of time because they care more about the catching aspect than anything else tbh. Sometimes I summarize, because my posts help tell a story--that's why I include things like your Trainer opening the Pokeball. It's not just for you and me. It's for other people to read too. This isn't a RP in which I'm only wanting to put my actions to either interact or advance what's happening; it's like a story, and sometimes things are described like that.
    If you have extra questions during, or something you want to clarify, you can also ask them in an OOC separate from the post itself. Depending on what happens in the RP and the timeline, I can't always answer all questions in character, especially if a Trainer asks something during a recap scene when I've already progressed (some other Trainers have done this. For example, a Trainer and I gave a doll to a mon and then progressed to the next area where I introduced a different Pokemon. However, the Trainer, in his post, asked me a question after the doll and before we reached the next area in his post because he was recapping. I couldn't answer him because in my post, we were already way past that moment he asked the question. He should've asked the question in the new area instead.) So I'm sorry if I didn't answer all your questions--sometimes that just happens. The RP is not going to be exact from both our POVs. That would have way too much copy/paste anyway. Interpret as you like; as long as you don't try to take control of a wild Pokemon, it's not likely to disrupt anything.

    With only five encounters, we're not likely going to be doing some huge plot--and I've forgotten what my plot was before, if I even had one. I left this latest post open-ended at the end because I wasn't sure what you wanted to do with the Sunkern--I left the decision up to you for your next post.
    We're on the way to the statue garden, which has a fountain in it, among other things. The hedges are the path to it in my head-canon of what the Park looks like. Everyone has there own schema. So we are on the way to the fountain, we just didn't appear there. Wailmer doesn't necessarily need water to interact with anything, however, as you showed with the Sunkern.

    Each Pokemon you encounter needs to be interacted with in some ways. Most people try to either fight or run from it. I gave you the option to play with Sunkern instead of trying to run from it to vary up the RP from just "see wild Pokemon, then battle/run away." This way also saves you the cost of a doll if an escape roll fails. If you interact with the Sunkern enough like you were doing, I'm okay with running away without even needing a roll--that's why I asked if you wanted to try to capture the Sunkern. I didn't want to say we left it behind for another area if you were truly interested in it.

    Really, I don't get what the issue is. I don't forsee any problems right now. You answered my question and I led you to an area and there was an interaction. There really isn't much to "do" other than interact, either with the Ranger or Pokemon. As for what you can do next, if you want to move on, you can do a final interaction and then try to leave or something, if you want to leave Sunkern behind. Sort of like an "okay, we're done now, time to go" sort of feeling.

    Brb for next message, this one is too long.
    Am I correct in thinking that you want to leave the Sunkern after playing with it and not try to capture it?
    Well, it had been three days then, hadn't it? For anybody else, it'd have counted as a strike against them and hopefully a prod.

    "A day is nothing" but "after 2 days is when you post this" is completely abstract. I hadn't been in contact for a few days and there's no activity in the thread. I didn't know, so I asked. Just because I posted doesn't mean I'm freaking out, so stop acting like it.
    Don't want to clutter the thread.

    "For anybody else"
    So are you saying that just because I'm me I should be infracted? People have lives, you do know this? If you want to send me a PM or VM or IM asking go right ahead, but no need to post in the general thread.

    How is that abstract? 1 day after an update is time enough for stuff to maybe happen. If 2 days have past since and supposed update, ask about it if nothing has been said.

    And sorry, but from what I have seen you have yet to find one thing that you agree with the game. You have been nothing but negative about it, criticizing my every move. It is getting really annoying. So sorry, but if I dismiss half of what you say and take it the wrong way, that is your fault. See "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" for an example of that.
    Sure, thanks for the suggestion! I'm thinking I'll drop something into the "stories" section to get a third pokemon, but I'm very much interested in battles after that!
    What is this BS about you not being able to get back on AIM? Come on, join us!!
    Very very sorry! I wanted to battle you over spring break, but then I had family stuff and completely forgot... and then school fell on my head like a sack of potatoes. It's hard for me to be on AIM for long periods of time- say, long enough for a decent battle- and I had absolutely no times that worked. Plus, I didn't want to have to abandon the battle again.

    So I resigned because I had no time for battles- yours or anyone's- and also I'm a bit of a bat gym leader.
    Sure, I have school and that screws up my timing, but Easter break is coming up soon, if you wanna battle around then.
    It's no trouble at all! I understand getting busy and going on a hiatus--I've done it myself a few times. The longer wait doesn't worry me at all. Several people have done the same and only post when they can. My only concern is making sure you have a good time!
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