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  • I know! I mean, my parents just bought me a studio art set with 1800 paint. 600 oil paints, 600 acrylic, and 600 watercolor. I like what you said there "work until you find what suits you best." Because, I, as someone who's selftaugh in the area of visual arts believe that no one is ever truly done.

    Haha, really? Thank you. I never took any art classes, but I've been drawing since as long as I remember.

    No problem! You seem like a pretty cool guy. ^______^;

    I'm going to go ahead and take a picture of my painting so I could show you. Its the first time I used my studio art set, and its the first time I use oil paints. :eek: I was worried because it took too long to dry. Took about two days. I wanted it to dry so I could add detail and shine.
    Yeah, I actually have an account there, though I rarely log on. I've only displayed one drawing, and that was my first ever charcoal drawing of Lady Gaga. But I'm not sure, are you referring to my spiriting or my drawings? ^^; Well I guess I could display both. I recently did a painting, though I have yet to take picture of it.

    Thanks for the wallpaper comment btw. :p
    Hello, sorry if this is a late response, I don't come on here often anymore.

    Thanks so much for your message, I love the Pokemon franchise and it's influence in gaming and even in our lives in the form of science, fantasy, sport, and legends, which is why as a writer I took on such an impossible project. There are days I give up because adapting a live action Pokemon is probably and literally the hardest adaptation to pull off, but when playing the games and listening to some of the soundtracks from the games and anime it reminds me why I started it in the first place.

    I'm not sure what you mean about "new members" and joining, like I said, I don't come here much but I certainly hope to hear from you again, maybe we can discuss this in further detail.
    Ah. Well, the Rps recently are less than good, for the most part. So when I see a good one, I like to let the creator know that they have done good :)
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