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  • Thank you, Yusuke! I appreciate what you did. I've been wanting to re-live my days of playing Ruby (I lost my copy, when I moved to the city I currently live in), so this is the best option, until Game Freak/Nintendo decide to remake Gen. 3 (I refuse to pay the ludicrous prices for the Gen. 3 games).
    Yeah, I entered the new FC that you provided. Let me re-enter it, though.

    EDIT: I still don't see you. Leave the room, then come back.
    Yeah, give me a few minutes, and I'll edit in some nicknames.

    1. Torchic: Kentucky
    2. Ralts: Serenity
    3. Trapinch: Drew
    4. Snorunt: Skadi
    5. Budew: Bandit Queen
    6. Horsea: Mizuchi
    I don't know, I think we're still having some trouble. I'm able to connect to the Wi-Fi, and enter the room, so I don't know what could be the issue, if it's coming from my end.
    Yes, I am. My FC is in my signature. What's your FC?

    EDIT: Oops, I forgot that I still have you registered in my Pal Pad. I'll be in the room, waiting. :)
    Hey, are you available to trade that team I asked you to breed for me? If so, I will be available. If not, another time would be OK.
    Seems kinda crazy the kid would go to that length and that he would just leave from Breloom evolving. Would have been much more satisfying to have him attempt to fight him off, then beg for mercy.

    Perfectly fine, school comes before Pogeymanz, even if they are srs bsns.
    I'd say you're decent at least.
    Now I'm curious to the story behind the 'shroom.

    Neat, if you remember send me a link to it when it's done, I'd like to see it.
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