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  • Hey! My girlfriend bought me Pokemon Black! :D! If I come across a Drilbur I'll send it your way as I want Sandile on my team instead. :p
    Oh, are those both features of B/W? Sounds pretty cool. The game is out in a few days so I guess I'll start exploring that stuff. I guess I won't worry about old gen stuff until I beat the game at least.
    GG! You won! Sorry for saying it quite late, but these forums are lagging so much these days!

    Hey, don't worry about it, it's all a part of battling. The flinchhax at the end was the final kick in the teeth, though. I could have taken Lopunny with Crobat if I hadn't been Cute Charmed by its charming ways, and Jolteon would have dealt with Yanmega. But the Double Protect aswell! Gah! Haha. ;P

    Yeah, thanks to you too. If you ever need any help with your teams, or if you want me to RNG you any shinies just let me know and I'll be more than willing to help.

    Oh, and I haven't even ordered my copy yet. I don't have any money :( which means I probably won't have it for a few weeks yet... gutted tbh. D:
    Not being a sore loser or anything, but two turns of protect, cute charm and flinchax won you the match. I had no luck on my side whatsoever :(
    What would be cool is an adapter that lets you turn the GBA slot of your DS into a 'DS' like slot where the game in the regular slot can read data off your other DS game. But yeah other than that I guess they were between a rock and a hard place in terms of how the stuff is all getting transferred.

    What would be awesome also is being able to put multiple pokemon into a 'package' of some sort and trade them all in one wifi trade. Kind of like a .zip file or something. I can dream, I suppose :3
    Alright! Good luck!I guess you're getting B/W Friday, then? It'll be shame to not battle with you anymore, it's been really good fun. :)
    It's irritating, I must admit.

    Sure. I'll just go swap some of my things about and meet you back in there :]
    I remembered putting some on my pokemon ages back, I think I might go use some again now I've seen yours :D

    Miltank's great. I remember the first time I battled someone who used one against me, I found it so infuriating to face, which is the reason that I trained one myself :3
    Ahh, yeah I guess that makes sense. It's a shame because I haven't really had many battles on Wifi. I came into the game late in the Gen and it took me a long time to even get a team or two together >.<

    Maybe I'll be able to battle you in 5th gen, then? I don't know how I'm going to get my things Pokeshifted, though... D:
    That was supposed to be a team based around Heracross, but it never really 'clicked'.

    Are you really not going to battle anymore on your 4th gen games after today??
    Sure, I thought you had finished that's all, sorry.

    Yeah, they're fine with me. I won't be using a complete OU team, (though, when do I ever?) but I don't mind if you do. :p
    Yeah, that set is hard to use in the higher tiers, but in NU it seems pretty good. Wish I'd remembered to give him his Leftovers, though :p

    Yeah I can do a standard battle, let me get my guys together and I'll meet you there.
    Oops, I forgot to give some of my Pokemon items >.<

    Interesting match, nice choice of Pokemon (Butterfree and Charizard :D)
    Alright, I'm online, too. Are you free to battle now?

    Edit: Noticed you're battling with Troggy, I'll wait.
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