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  • I just realised i played Skyward Sword with the Wiimote in my left hand and i'm right-handed... now i gotta try Skyward Sword with the wiimote in my right hand, probably it even gets better.
    I wasn't aware of it at the moment. Good thing you can edit it! So there is a cheese named Emma? o-O
    Ok. It's on my profile now!

    Wellspring didn't fit. So Nate now knows you as Station XD.
    Stuff on the internet doesn't normally bother but Goddamn stop acting like you're being oppressed.

    So why is there a Blockbuster still open in your town?
    I just hate how sensitive people are nowadays. I am not Catholic. I had atheist friends at my Catholic High School. No one complained. It's like public school except the teachers actually taught and we prayed before class. If you didn't believe in God you just don't pray.

    Sorry for venting out on you.
    Ok! I don't remember my friend code, and my sister is using the DS, but when I'm free I'll probably tell you.
    Oh. I had quite a number on HG, but I restarted it. Also, I haven't completed W2, nor gotten any events, ever.
    I dunno either. His Avatar is suspiciously missing too. Sorry if I took long to reply, I went to take a haircut. Now I'm gonna look snazzy when school starts tommorow! ^_^
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