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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    FFF. These guys were the reason I decided to quit lurking. I totally know what you mean. I didn't regret spending a day reading to the recent post. Welcome aboaaaard~. So as the new guy, what exactly lured you into Honorshipping, f you don't mind me asking? hee hee. ;)
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    I Don't See the Point in Shipping

    Preach it, my good man. Preach it. B/
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    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread

    Coffee and a piece of toast.
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    What I like about the person above me!

    ^ That they have an awesome occupation in their bio. Wish I could do that. ;) And that they can post from a cellphone. SKILLS/DEDICATION RIGHT THERE, MAN.
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    Who do you ship Ash with?

    Let's see... Ash/Gary - Palletshipping Ash/Ritchie - Leagueshipping(?) Ash/May - Advanceshipping Ash/Dawn - Pearlshipping
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    DO I GET A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE? 8D *loves Gurren Lagann* Ffff. (and then I LOL at the idea of Falkner doing that to his kids, if he ever gets any. Better grit those teeth, Finch.) Yeah, that's what I'm seeing, too. And hopefully, Falkner's dad understands and lets his son keep running the...
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    FFFF. Yeah, there's also the option of his dad being dead, all together. This is why different headcanons is a lovely thing to see. Especially with a shipping like Morty/Falkner. The imaginations can go pretty far, yes? *grins* Nnngh. Your fic has been a treat to read, btw. I have to say...
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    Ooo, new topic! Um... *thinks* Maybe if Falkner's dad came back and intended to take over the gym, once more? I'm sure the kid's reaction will depend on your headcanons of what his dad is like. He might put up a fight with his father, as much as he loves him (the idea of seeing Morty less =...
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    FFFFFF. Same happened to me. Well. Sort of. *just joined this forum after reading to the last page* It took me a good day, but I managed to do it. |Db
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    ^ Ffff. Beautiful. <3 *thumb up* S-Sorry, Morty. But I think the scarf looks better in blue/white. *A* *wants it*
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    Your Shipping List

    Anime Game
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    Anyone here a Cookieshipper?

    Do I ship it, you ask? *raises hand* ONLY A WHOLE LOT. /mind sharing links to fanart/fics with meee~?
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    IsshuShipping: Touya/N

    Re: IsshuShipping: Black/N Nnngh. I was going to try to not ship anything until I got my hands on the games next Spring. But form this thread, it looks like it made me break the promise. AND I REGRET NOTHING. B) *signs up for this shipping*
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    I actually think this is an adorable pair. sdjcnsjcsd. I went one reading one fic to now looking for some more. I only read the one on the kink meme, though. So any recs would be niiice. D8 Which says a lot from me, because, I'll just be honest = a lot of het pairings usually just get a...
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    I totally see Falkner being adorably shy and awkward about comforting Morty, in general. (my headcanon says Falkner is terrible at relating to people and understanding other people's emotions.) And Morty finds it sweet that he's trying so hard to cheer him up. That, in itself, would probably...
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    Crack Pairings - A discussion

    Not gonna lie, I ship the shipping that I want to name/am waiting to see if my shipping name will be confirmed,. Morty/Lucas. B)
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    While we're on the topic of fluff and hugs... Morty must be comfy to cuddle with. I don't blame Falkner for liking. :)
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    HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

    Heh. I can totally see Falkner secretly liking the cuddles, but not admitting it. XD And maybe sometimes just being a little punk and randomly will plops in Morty's lap or into his arms all like "... >:| *wants a hug. no questions asked.*" and Morty more than happy to comply (after getting over...
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    Aruscio's Shipping Icon Shop 「CLOSED!」

    Re: cD's Shipping Icon Shop & Gallery (NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS) Eeeeee. <3 Thank you so much! *shall cherish forever/tell friends*
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    Aruscio's Shipping Icon Shop 「CLOSED!」

    Re: cD's Shipping Icon Shop & Gallery (NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS) Hm.... LuxAurashipping [Riley/Lucas] And GoldenAurashipping [Morty/Gold or Morty/Ethan. Whichever you prefer. :3] O-Only if it's ok to request more than one! Otherwise, I wanted to stop by and say that I love what you got here~.
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