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    GEN VI: Looking for Diancie! [EU code]

    Hi there! I would love to have the recent event Diancie! I live in Finland, and sadly all of the codes in my local/near stores have been given out. [I don't know how many codes was sent to the stores in other regions, but I've heard Finnish Gamestops only got 60 per store] I need the...
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    I think Game Freak is trying to win back the Gen 1-3 crowd?

    Yeah, that's unfortunately how most of the society thinks out of things like this - I mean, even the fact that I like anime and I'm still watching it as a young adult makes some of my relatives go "Oh, does she still like those children cartoons?" And yeah, I can see why they think of it like...
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    I think Game Freak is trying to win back the Gen 1-3 crowd?

    You are missing the point of that blog post compeletely. Look at the previous sentence: If you ask what kind of music is popular to people of all ages, the answer may be children’s songs. I think Pokemon is like that when people call it a game for kids. He is making an example here. Children...
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    I think Game Freak is trying to win back the Gen 1-3 crowd?

    The whole thing Pokémon's primary target is children is some idea that has really stuck on the West side of the fandom. I think whole Game Freak has promoted several times, how they want pokémon games to appeal to as wide audience as possible. It doesn't matter to them how old the person is...
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    Looking for Meloetta, remaining shiny event legendaries

    Is anyone willing to trade me a Meloetta? Meloetta is one of my favorite Pokémon, but sadly I wasn't able to attend the event. : / Sadly I can't give that much back either, but if you are willing to give me one, I would appriciate it a lot! I'm also looking for the shiny Palkia and Giratina of...
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    Review Pocket Monsters: The Origin

    I don't give Production I.G. any credit when they produce mediocre and uninteresting animation. My hopes were up because I know how good they can be, but no. Their part was the most boring one anyway. OLM knows how to do Pokémon, you could see it clearly in this special. And oh yeah, that...
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    Review Pocket Monsters: The Origin

    Okay, I've finished with Pokémon THE ORIGIN. Was it good? Yes. Was it the best animated Pokémon ever? Not by any means. But here's a simple number based review: Animation: 7/10 Only the last part, made by OLM, was impressive, well drawn and well animated the rest of it was pretty mediocre, and...
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    Starter Discussion

    Re: Starter Discussion and Speculation I still like Fennekin the best. I'm pretty curious how the stick will affect its evolution. Maybe it becomes a witch? I don't see it only as feminine, I can't seriously understand people that see Pokémon only as one gender LOL. Now that I looked into...
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    European locations for Shiny Creation Trio announced: GameStop, Toys "R" Us among the

    Re: European locations for Shiny Creation Trio announced: GameStop, Toys "R" Us among Addition to Finland's distribution: Toys"R"Us is also participating.
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    News Pokémon: The Origin!

    No one seems to remember that the remakes of these first games, aka Firered/Leafgreen happen to turn 10 next year? Maybe that's because. I'm excited about this, and it was seriously obvious they wouldn't make a series out of this. There's absolute zero reason to promoto RBG generation anymore...
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    Review S16 EP26: Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!

    I'm super super disappointed how they handled the Opening. I didn't know water, sky and ship are important part of the plot now? Why waste half of the time for that when you have only 30 seconds to go? Also, why only feature Ash, Iris and Cilan? [And Cilan was cut out] and they could have used...
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    Holy Kyurem Icicles Giveaway!

    Yes, I'm ready to trade pretty soon~ Just a moment, I add you~ [B]Edit: Thank yu for Kiaria! She's pretty cute, naive and likes to trash about, haha~ [B]
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    Holy Kyurem Icicles Giveaway!

    I would like to have this Kyurem~ ★ Kyurem Lv75 UT Naive | Pressure 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 Glaciate | Dragon Pulse | Imprison | Endeavor can you nickname it? If so, I would like to name it Kiaria. My FC is Evelina - 1550 4017 9134 (Black 2) I live in Finland and my time zone is GMT2 I'm...
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    Who is that nerdy kid with the glasses? What purpose does he serve?

    But I think, Haruka (May) and this new kid might be related...? He looks cute, but I prefer Ash's girl companions more...
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    Review New OP and ED "Become an Arrow! 2013" & "Sakura-Go-Round!"

    Gosh, I love the OP the remix is pretty good! The scenes are absolutely amazing and N is so so so handsome in the beginning~ And nice to see that goddesses are seen in there too! I love the ED too, it's cute and relaxing, and those N scenes <3 Also Pikachu and Satoshi sleeping, soo cute (; w ;)~
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    Music New Opening and Ending for Episode N

    I really loved Yajirushi ni natte, and the remix sounds epic, so I'm okay with this~ The new scenes look nice! Excited about the ED too~
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    What will you miss about Generation 5?

    I will totally miss my boyfr..N. And I seriously really loved Generation 5, so I'm gonna miss it as a whole, but I'm also excited about the future one!
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    Starter Discussion

    Re: Which new Generation Six starter is your favourite? Fennekin is my instant favorite, but I seriously love ALL of them <3 Froakie comes second, Chespin third.
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    Pokemon X & Y: Release Everywhere October 2013!

    I hope for October 1st release, since it would be my B-day XD And it was awesome when FR/LG were released on 1st of October, 2004~ It felt kinda special, haha~
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    The Kalos Region Speculation and Discussion

    Re: So, what's the region gonna be based off of? It's pretty much confirmed - Paris and France in general, maybe other places from Europe. As European, and a tourist who visited Paris during September 2012, this is pretty exciting and looks nice! : 3 Paris is a beautiful city <3 And the fact...
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