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  1. flora-chan

    Pokémon mew the Mandela Effect

    Did you play the original pokemon red and green in Japanese by any chance? I've found some proof on youtube by tracking it down explaining what it means and why they removed it. Censored Pokemon - Alakazam
  2. flora-chan

    Pokémon mew the Mandela Effect

    I don't renember Alakazam having a star on it's head, you mite be mistaking it for the mega Alakazam which has a crystal on its forehead?? They look similar I've attached a image and I would look on deviantart see if anyone done art on it. As I can't find anyone mentioning it online anywhere. Do...
  3. flora-chan

    Pokémon mew the Mandela Effect
    Threadmarks: Pokemon Mew mandela effect multiverse

    Hello everyone I know about Pikachu having the mandela effect with its black tip tail and then going back to none. Everyone talks about it on youtube, deviantart has plenty of evidence people renember pikachu having a black tail with lots of artwork aswell. But here's my theory upon the very...
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