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    Thoughts on Dento/Cilan so far?

    Re: Thoughts on Dento so far? Comparing Dento to Brock is like comparing your brother to your fabulous college roommate... despite their similarities, both are likable for different reasons and we should all just be happy with that *rainbow sparkes*. There are better things to compare... like...
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    Heartwarming Winter Tales - Submission Thread

    How Paul Stole Christmas
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    Contest Gary vs. Paul

    The key word here I think is who's the better RIVAL. If this poll were about who's the better character, then Gary would be in the running, but when it comes to rivalry with Ash Paul wins hands down. Unlike Gary, Paul actually showed up a lot. He challenged Ash not only in battling, but in...
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    Contest Ash vs. Game!Red

    Honestly, I'd probably pick Ash. I know that he's loud, obnoxious, childish, etc. but the thing is, I don't talk much. Being stuck in an elevator with somebody like Red who also doesn't talk much would get awkward in all the silence. At least Ash would try to start a conversation. It's...
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    Contest Ash vs. Game!Red

    I think people are going off their head!cannon Red a bit more than actual Red. Because we hardly have any information about Red in the first place, I don't really blame people for doing so... but I dunno. Does a person's achievements really make them the better person? I mean remember that the...
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    Imaginationshipping thread {AshxBel}

    I think it'll be cute, especially if she turns out to be another rival for Ash like she is in the games. From her character design and what little I know about her bg, I can definitely see this working out. I'd have to see them actually meet in the anime before I can be totally sure though.
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    Your favorite pairing of all time?

    Choosing ONE favorite is hard, so I have two. I like both comashipping and preciousmetalshipping. For me, both of them are great because they are both rival shippings and they both have great chemistry. I find art for both shippings absolutely adorable ^^
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    Review BW010: Rival Battle! The Strong Opponent Pururill!

    I completely agree with you there. My problem with Shooti is not that he's a newbie trainer beating Ash (well maybe a little ^^;;) nor that he's a Paul rip-off. My problem with him is that he's not interesting. At least with Paul we had some conflict going on. His ideologies about pokemon...
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    BW14 - Shippou City

    While it does seem to be a bit fast compared to some of the other sagas, so far I'm not complaining too much about BW pacing. I sort of wish that there could be a few more episodes concentrating on the characters and the pokemon sort of like that Iris episode, but I suppose I can wait for that...
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    Which of Ash's traveling companions do you think had the most chemistry?

    I liked the Hoenn team the best because I think that it had the best interactions. Nobody really got left out of anything. Ash did his battling and acted as a sort of mentor to May as well. I really liked the way that those two interacted. May had her own plot as well so she wasn't just there...
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    Hiun City

    Despite being from a hick town like Pallet, Ash has visited some large cities before. But, if Hiun City is in fact the largest city yet in the Pokemon world, then I can see a lot of potential. It's not exactly in the middle of Isshu, so I sort of doubt that they will return to it as often as...
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    Is Ash Getting Smart?

    Ash isn't that smart, but he is pretty creative and resourceful. I sort of wish that he would be on the same level that he was at the end of Sinnoh, but I think that that's just wishful thinking. A lot of his "flukes" this season could probably be attributed to his excitement and probably his...
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    Do you see another reason for May to ever appear again?

    I don't think that May will ever be on the main cast again, nor do I think she will be having a cameo in Isshu save for a spot on the openings. I don't think she really has a reason to appear again, and not just because there are no more contests. It takes a plane to get to Isshu, and I don't...
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    Do you have a fandom bicycle?

    Let's see... I ship Ash with a lot of people, and I multiship Ashley as well. xPaul, xGary, xMay, xPikachu, xBrock, xDrew, xBarry, xIris, xDento, xMorison ect. Paul gets shipped quite a bit as well. xAsh, xBarry, xSilver, xReggie, xMaylene, xCynthia, xChimchar Gold would also count xSilver...
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    Thoughts on Dento/Cilan so far?

    Re: Thoughts on Dento so far? I love Dento so far. His interactions with Iris and Ash so far are hilarious. It's great the way that he seems to be the "gentleman" of the group while both Iris and Ash are rowdy. I really like this trio so far. When it comes to being a love interest... while I...
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