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    My Art

    Wow. I like it! Just fo calling them anooying?
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    Lugia and Ho-oh

    Nice! ove em!
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    Ash Club

    I love em! I need the link to the pikash avatar
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    Ash Club

    Can I join? Pm me the link plz!!
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    The Star Wars Fan Club

    Man I gotta join!! I dunno how to pm tho. Why did Padme have to die Id b cool If she came back in the 6th one.
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    Post!! Palletshippin is ok. I like rivalxrival!
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    Who does Ash love?

    I know!! Ash loves..? Misty or Hikari!
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    Will Shinji get a love interest?

    I thnik Hikari will still like him tho. That happens.
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    COMPLETE: His Angel (AAML one shot)

    I like it!! Dude, you should write more!
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    Eric's Story (T-rated) (redone)

    I like it! Try and make it more stick-to-thangs-from -pkmmn. otherwise i like it!
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    Will Shinji get a love interest?

    Well, Shingi is ok looking, a rival and very harsh, so He must have a soft sopt. Maybe hikari or Gary. I dunno.
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    Who does Ash love?

    Well, he loves pikachu most, aaand then maybe aipom, then misty. But when Statoshi gets older misty is the one...
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    Who does Ash love?

    Nope. I tink ash's love is his pkmn.
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