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    Housou intro

    I would really like to know more about what Kasumi and Takeshi do in their openings since it sounds like Kasumi is really abusive:-p And some screenshots would be nice.
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    What's wrong with thinking you're right?

    It basically means a one-sided love. In other words, one character loves someone but the person they love doesn't love them back.
  3. P misspelled Pokemon!

    Wow... This is sad and funny at the exact same time. Hopefully they corrected it.
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    What's wrong with thinking you're right?

    Like many others have said before me, there's nothing wrong with thinking that you're right. But once you start insulting other shippers who beliefs are different than yours, that's going too far and will ultimately cause people to hate you. As for the Harry/Hermione shippers, yes, a good...
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    Harry Potter shippings

    I read that article. It must have been a slow news day for them to talk about shipping. Slowly, but surely, shippers and shipping wars are invading the news:-p
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    Harry Potter shippings

    When I first started getting into the Harry Potter fandom, I was a supporter of Draco/Hermione. I don't know how or why, but then I converted to Ron/Hermione. It's probably one of the few love/hate relationships that I like. I noticed how the Harry/Hermione shippers pretty much attacked...
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    If Ash actually went on a date with (insert preferred girl here), would Pikachu come?

    ^Hmmm...good point:-) Maybe he's just confused:-p
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    If Ash actually went on a date with (insert preferred girl here), would Pikachu come?

    Yes, Ash is too sweet. Possible things he might do: - Freeze up. - Scream (just a little scream though. Not a 'bloody murder' scream). - Explain he doesn't like her in that way.
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    If Ash actually went on a date with (insert preferred girl here), would Pikachu come?

    Since Ash and Pikachu are best friends and Pikachu goes everywhere with Ash, I definitely see him/her/it coming with Ash. I guess you can count May in that too. And Duplica. And pretty much any other girl around his age he met. But I can just see it now... (insert name of girl): You know...
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    Pokemon back on Cartoon Network

    I also hate how Cartoon Network cuts off the first few minutes. They also have commercial breaks during the weirdest times. For example, during today's episode (A Corsola Caper!), a commercial break started after Misty yelled "Yeah!" when the Corsola were freed. It just seemed weird to me...
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    Possible Shippy Songs! ^_^

    I think that "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru is a beautiful love song: When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight It's hard to let it go You're giving me too many things Lately you're all I...
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    Review S07 EP45: Sky High Gym Battle!

    I don't really pay attention to the companies that animate Pokemon, but the animation was noticeably better than usual. My only complaint is that Grovyle should have had a harder time with Altaria seeing as how Altaria wasn't hit as much. Other than that, the episode was pretty good. And I...
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    ^ The one above

    ^ Is in Iceland
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    Pallet & ElderShippers will love this [Spoilers]

    Gary's expression in the second picture is so funny. Ash and Gary were so cute as kids :-) That's why I like Ash and Gary's rivalry. They known each other for a long time which makes everything more interesting.
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    Word Association

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    Underrepresented Ships?

    I think Gymshipping (Brock and Misty) is underrepresented. Gymshipping has a fair amount of supporters, but shippings like Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping sort of take attention away from it.
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    Review S07 EP29: Love, Petalburg Style!

    Well on the Serebii forums, I asked that question (and so were some other people) and Geodude said something about how Brock, in order to find where Ash went, tracked him down and the gym was one of the places he went. Sounds like a good theory. I said that May and Max probably introduced him in...
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    Review S07 EP28: A Double Dilemma

    I agree. I thought it was funny when May started getting really excited and started going "Ember, Ember, Ember, Ember, Ember, Ember!" And I think I noticed a change. When everyone noticed that "Max"/Wobbuffet was blue, didn't someone say something in the Japanese version about how he reads too...
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    8th Movie Information Thread (SPOILERS, of course)

    Wow...That picture is just...Wow. I first saw that picture on the Pokemopolis forums. I didn't think it was real but then I took a closer look and noticed all of the Japanese writing. I think the picture is very interesting...
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    ^ The one above

    ^Has a Pikachu avatar and is an Ash lover.
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