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    What's your favorite city in Black and White?

    I picked Hodomoe, simply because its music is amazing. :P
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    whats your favorite pokemon in the 5th gen.

    Hitomoshi, Daikenki, Smugleaf/Smuglord, Sanzandra, and Reshiram.
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    Your Final Team

    I'm about halfway through the game, and my planned team is: Jalorda Dotekkotsu Kenhorou Hiyakki Hihidaruma Zebraika
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    The Diaries of Black and White

    Wow. Just beat Yacon; that was without a doubt the easiest thing I have ever done. Soloed it with a lvl27 Hiyakki and Boiling Water. I took one hit which only took about 10HP. Wow. That did not feel like a gym battle at all. xD
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    The Diaries of Black and White

    Currently in Hodomoe, in the Freezer container. My party: Lvl 26 Janovy Lvl 25 Hiyakki Lvl 24 Darumakka Lvl 24 Hatoboo Lvl 25 Shimama Lvl 26 Dotekkotsu Really loving it. Everything is so improved from before, only a few very small issues. :)
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    New Characters

    Wow. Random thought: maybe N and Dennis Geechisu are descendants of Meloetta! They both seem to be based off music, and they have the same green hair...
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    Your Shipping List

    Ferriswheelshipping (OTP) Rocketshipping Pokeshipping Altoshipping Cookieshipping Firebirdshipping Mizuhikishipping Soulsilvershipping Betelgeuseshipping Honorshipping Akatsukishipping Staffshipping Those are the ones I like best, but there's so many more I ship.. :P
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    Who do you ship May with?

    None of the choices on the poll, really. I ship her with Harley~ cookieshipping and James~ firebirdshipping. <3
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    Who do you ship cynthia with?

    Mizuhikishipping~ <3
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    Do you have a fandom bicycle?

    Ash, just like everyone else. you can't not ship him with everyone :P And also N. He's just too adorable! <3
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    Who do you ship Ash with thread 2

    Altoshipping ftw~ <3 Other than that, it's Pokeshipping.
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    Your favorite pairing of all time?

    My Pokemon OTP is Ferriswheelshipping, N x White/Touko. <3 They're just so adorable together <3
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    Contest Ash vs. Game!Red

    I have nothing against Ash, but did he defeat Team Rocket singlehandedly? Did he become League Champion? Did he spend three years standing on top of a mountain? Can he communicate complete epicness without even saying anything? Red wins, hands down.
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    == N x Touko == (Ferriswheelshipping)

    N x White/Touko: FerrisWheelShipping! Am I the only one who thinks these two are adorable together? <3 Discuss this amazing ship here. :D
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    Who will win: Arceus vs. voldamort

    ^Exactly. You can get hit with a Judgment and survive, but there's no way you could survive an AK. Although, both probably could protect themselves from the other. Arceus could dodge or something. Voldy can use Protego, which would block a Judgement (Judgment's basically magically falling...
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    Third Version?

    Well, say the green cobra rumour is true, maybe the third version will be Crimson, as red is sort of opposite to green? Wildly guessing here :P
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    Top 5 Most Powerful Pokemon (And Why)..

    Missingno. 'Nuff said.
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    New Poké Ball Speculation

    Re: Poké Balls Balls that work better if in a certain weather condition. Frost Ball - 4x if it's hailing, 1x otherwise. Solar Ball - sun Dust Ball - sandstorm Aqua Ball - rain Mist ball - fog Also, a ball that works well on genderless pokemon? Could be good for a lot of legendaries.
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    Which Gym Leader is your favorite?

    Wallace <3 But I also love Volkner and Giovanni :P
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    Favorite Characters

    James, Wallace and Sir Aaron <3
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