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  1. ShadowDeeps

    The Official Winter Holiday Thread!

    My Christmas has yet to begin, but I hope everyone here has a great Christmas and holiday just the same. :)
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    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    Can't say I've ever played the above mentioned game either. V likes fruits or vegetables.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You [v2]

  4. ShadowDeeps

    Another Word Game v2

  5. ShadowDeeps

    Pokemon Mystery dungeon: The shadows within

    In a blinding arm of light, the Unown laid forth its "hidden power" attack, and the Drapion was nowhere to be seen; but the Unown did not drop the earnest expression in its eye.
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    Another Word Game

  7. ShadowDeeps

    Another Word Game

  8. ShadowDeeps

    Misty Club

    Aha, thank you! :) I wrote that almost three years ago, and it was one of my first forays into my time on Bulbagarden. I felt that Misty was more complex in intention and underlying ambiguousness. I didn't see May as doing much more than progressing as a neophyte of Pokemon and eventually...
  9. ShadowDeeps

    BMGf Happy Birthday Thread: Vol. 2

    Happy Birthday to double_trouble, my best friend Tommy, and everyone else whose birthday is today. I hope you all have most stellar and wonderful ones. ^^
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    Another Word Game

  11. ShadowDeeps

    Pokemon Mystery dungeon: The shadows within

    The Unown followed swiftly, watching the Drapion etch away but not going out of sight.
  12. ShadowDeeps

    Former anime writer hospitalized: Takeshi Shudō to have surgery

    It takes me aback quite a bit that Takeshi Shudo has passed, someone who made (what can be agreed upon to be) many of the highlights of Pokemon what they always have been and are today. The abruptness and unworldly, base capriciousness death is very much another reason to take nothing for...
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    Another Word Game

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    Music What Japanese Song Are You Currently Addicted To?

    Since first I heard it in the inception of February 2009, "Unmei no wa Eiko" (or Wheel of Fortune) by Eiko Shimamiya. I have not heard a Japanese pop song that commands more intensity and potency for me. Eiko's vocals maintain nothing undercut of beautiful, fervid, vivacious, yet soft power to...
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    Another Word Game

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    Unofficial user awards!

    Awww, thank you so much, Cubone King! ^_^ Mature: I can't decide, but I'm going to say all my closest friends (!Tommy, Cubone King, Anime Aficionada, 666, Dashing Fox, everyone with whom I hold a close friendship - you know who you are). Favorite user in general: Same as above. Most annoying...
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    Another Word Game

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    Another Word Game

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    Pokemon Mystery dungeon: The shadows within

    Bolts of fierce, furious lightning danced and bolted upwards across the sky as the Unown continued psychically lurching towards the Shiftry, casting its eyes towards the Drapion.
  20. ShadowDeeps

    Pokemon Mystery dungeon: The shadows within

    The Unown recoiled back, suspending softly into the air as it levitated and began to form a soft, green, aglow noose of light around it, reading the thoughts of the Shiftry.
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