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    Underwater Ruins deciphered

    While most people think ⑤ is a fish, i think the "fish" part is actually a cloud, and that the "line' is a tail or something. this reinforces the idea that ⑤ is one of the Djinn/Genei/what-ever-you-call-them trio. has anyone taken a kyurem, landorus, thunderus, or tornadus down there and see if...
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    Underwater Ruins deciphered

    while i first thought the king was arceus, now i think otherwise. i think the king's true form is that strange silhouette found coded on the online TGC it's possible
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    darkrai07's spriting contest!!!

    ok. Oh, as a retype, could i make a darkai Dark/Ghost?
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    IGN holds top Pokémon contest: Website begins to determine top 100

    Anyone else notice they're using some pokemon nintendo hasn't even revealed? I have seen (and voted on) Keldeo, Meletta or however u spell her name, and Gnenesect...
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    darkrai07's spriting contest!!!

    Are we allowed to have multiple entries?
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    The Spriters Pokédex Project

    Here is mine (pronounced: Mist-RI): Plz do not make evolutions for it, as here are some more: & (sorry about there being no height/weight, i will try to update it.
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    Calling all Artists/Spriters/Graphic Enthusiasts!

    I'll be glad to help! What do u need? I have posted most of my work on a certain album. U can see it here: I am best at recolors, animations, and adding hoverboards!
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    darkrai07's spriting contest!!!

    here's mine: A ghost type darkrai!
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    Contest Roggenrola vs Regigigas

    Hard to say. regigigas's ability evens it out a bit... depends on their level. If Roggenrola is the same level, during the first few turns, it may have a chance.
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    Legendary Beast Lottery (Winners Announced!)

    Re: Legendary Beast Lottery (Enter Now!) Ice Raikou. FC is in my signiture:
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    Wanted: Masquerain anyone?

    Hmm... any is fine. a chimchar would be nice too. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get on my DS for a while and probably won't be able to get on for a month, when i go on vacation.
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    Code Request Thread

    Wait, is that the complete SS pokedex code? Oh, can it be entered on the AR manually, or does it have to be entered on the computer connected to AR?
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    Chinese names revealed for latest anime: Anime characters, Pokémon translated

    I visit china a lot and, where can i watch the anime and what local channel (CCTV)? Or is this for Taiwan?
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    Code Request Thread

    Complete SS Pokedex code? something short? I lost the cable to connect it to my computer and i don't like putting in long codes manually. Oh, has to be for AR DSi
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    The Dubious Database (Simple Questions)

    What is the code for SS AR DSi Complete pokedex? Name says it all. Thank you
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    OFFERING: Random Events.

    Re: OFFERING: Random Events + /PARTIAL/ Giveaway Deoxys (kinda want) Celebi (really want) and Arceus (want really bad!) all look good. my wi-fi is a little sketchy, but maybe i can trade. I have loads of guys
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    Offering Shiny Ev'd Scizor and Shiny Deoxys

    Shiny Saikou salamence (hacked, got off the GTS), shiny lugia (hacked, got in a trade) and more! Oh, Deoxys... *Drools on the keyboard*
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    Wanted: Masquerain anyone?

    I have one i think, and if not, i can get him off the GTS. U have a treecko?
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    Wanted: Some Dex Fillers!

    i can get all of them off the GTS except aron and mawile. I have filled my johto dex.
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    Heartwarming Winter Tales - Submission Thread

    The Christmas Articuno Came to Town
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