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    Pokemon Direct (4th September)

    Re: New Pokemon Direct coming tomorrow When there was going to to be a Wonderful101 Direct, people on SmashBoards thought the main would be revealed for Smash. He wasn't, but I didn't think he'd be in it. But they seem to be releasing characters each month based on a game that is coming out...
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    Pokemon Direct (4th September)

    Re: New Pokemon Direct coming tomorrow I hope they reveal a Pokemon character to be in Smash, like the way they revealed Luigi.
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    Who Do You Want To See in the Next Super Smash Bros. Game?

    EVERYONE! I'm trying to make the most accurate poll for newcomers so please answer!!!! Who do you want in Super Smash Bros. 4? – Flisti
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    If any of Ash's old friends return, who would you want? What role should they play?

    Re: If any of Ash's old friends return, who would you want? What role should they pla May: I want her to come back as a traveling companion again. I saw this picture: deviantART: where ART meets application!. It's obviously fake, but I think it would fit perfectly. She wants to travel the world...
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    How Would You Feel if Max/Masato Came Back as a Rival?

    Everyone always says "they'll have to age Ash". Anyone ever think that there could be some world wide news broadcast lowering the age for a beginning trainer? That way they wouldn't have to move time...
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    How about the female hero being a lead again?

    I want it to be Ash, Cilan, and May (or Dawn [better than Iris or Misty]) and I want her to be a full co-star and I want both contests and sommeliers to be in pokefrance :)
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    New Pokemon Storage System in Generation 6?

    Since its 3D they should make it look like Pokemon ranch or like oaks in the show where ashes Pokemon are
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    The Kalos Region Speculation and Discussion

    Re: So, what's the region gonna be based off of? Europe? they should incorporate One Direction! I mean they were sponsors or whatever!!!! :D But seriously I hope they include some Italian landmarks too!
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    Kotetsu's English name speculation

    Ryan or Rialin
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    from who, Iris?
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    Pokemon Movie 16 Short: Pikachu and Eevee Friends

    who's next to Jolteon?
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    Preview M16: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens

    Re: Genesect in Movie 16 pretty sure it's Pansage...
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    Preview BW 108: Isshu League Conclusion! Lucario VS Pikachu!!

    i think it might be Bianca's... hopefully im wrong
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    Do you have any unpopular opinions about the anime?

    -I like that Ash caught so many pokemon this saga and think he should capture more. -I like that Iris got Dragonite. -I like Piplup, Zoey and Kotetsu. -I don't like Morrison. -I love Johto. -I think everyone should catch as many pokemon as they can. -I think Ash caught Haunter. -I think...
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    Preview BW99: The Tag Battle of the Sky and the Earth!

    what is wrong with you guys? judging people on the clothes they like to where....shame...
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    What would your reaction be if...

    i think they should and seven of the 99 battles she won with Drilbur would gym leaders, so technically got badges but she never mentioned them because it wasnt her goal. And then she wins against Drayden and is all like, "Oh look Ash, I guess we rivals, cuz I have 8 badges" and Ash is all like...
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    Preview BW96: Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!

    What is wrong with worshiping nature, exactly?
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    Preview BW98: The Most Magnificent Pokemon in the World?! Chillaccino vs Tsutarja!

    what does that have to do with this episode?
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    Why the Safari Zone Dratini episode was banned in the US?

    I also wonder if Jessie basically offering to get with the old guy has anything to do with it.
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