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    Crack Pairings - A discussion

    Watching the first two BW episodes makes me want to ship Shooti x Paul...
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    Who do you ship Ketchup with?

    Everyone. Ketchup is my fandom bicycle. ;) ....Okay, not really, but I just had to write that. XD
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    Dewshipping (BiancaxLatios) General Discussion

    I also like this idea, it makes me want to watch the movie again. XD I mean, according to a lot of people's fanon, if Latias can be with Ash, why not Latios with Bianca (pushing aside the end of the movie, but whatever)? :0
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    The oddest shipping you've come across.

    For the Legend of Zelda fandom, I once saw Sheik x a mailbox done as a joke (I hope).
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    Who do you ship Dawn with?

    Anime: Zoey, Candice, Lyra, Urusla (for the lulz) Game: Cyrus (...SHE TOPS.) lol.
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    Shipping Pictures Thread

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    Your Shipping List

    Unlike the other list (my outdated SPPf one), I'm only listing ones I feel strongly about right now. Because holy hell, I saw my whole list on a .txt file I have, and I can't be fucked to justify ALL of them. *lazy* Especially when my reasons are "lol idk" for most of them.
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    Who do you ship Cynthia with?

    Only with Aaron. XD I used to like her with Dawn, her Lucario (*watches as Garchomp gets jealous*), etc.... but I don't like them anymore. XD
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    Who do you ship Ash with?

    ... *points to av and claim in sig* And in case those change, I only really like him with Lucario in movie 8. D: I used to ship him a lot...but not anymore. XD
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    Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns!

    I remember reading somewhere there's a new comic, but I haven't had the chance to pick it up yet. XD I hope the Fearsome Four/Five are going to be in it, and if they are, that they're as awesome as they were in the show. :0
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    ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    I can see him date-peeping on Janine for some reason. XD Or Surge and Bill, like what was suggested earlier, I think. :x
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    Giovanni Shipping

    ...Giovanni x Mewtwo. 8D *shot forever* But not as a "love pairing", if you know what I mean. D: D: EDIT: Oh, but Giovanni x Leaf or Red wouldn't be bad to me (understatement) either.
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    What ships that aren't Pokémon related do you ship?

    Oh no, it'd take too much space if I listed EVERYTHING. So here's some non-Pokemon ones that I'm totally creaming obsessing over. Haruka x Michiru (Sailor Moon... OMGWTF I'M LIKING CANON!?!) Dorulumon x Cutemon (Digimon Xros Wars... yep. i ship it and i ship it hard.) Hans x almost...
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    ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    I can't promise anything, but I have TBS on my "things I WANT to write someday" list. If I had an idea -AND- was done with the other two fics I'm working on, there's a chance I would be getting to it. :<
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    Crack Pairings - A discussion

    Re: Crack Pairings - don't need a reason, just need love Don't know if it's -TOO- crack because I think it had a following in the old days, but I've been interested in Sabrina x Mewtwo for some reason. :x Then again, I tend to latch onto pairings with my current favorite characters.
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    Team Rocket Shippings

    I don't remember too clearly, but I think the episode 'Sweet Baby James' might've had some? I haven't seen that in years. x__x And that one scene in the 8th movie! .....I want to see Hun x May now, too. >__>;
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    ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    I have no idea why, but with your ideas of them meeting in THE WAR and Surge being gay, my mind suddenly jumped to the whole DADT (don't ask, don't tell) thing. o__0 lmfao would that even be in Pokeworld?
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    ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    This, really. Same here, it's cool though that I didn't start really having an opinion on either character until I got into TBS, now I like both of them more now. Especially Surge. :0 *needs to start playing HG again, wut*
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    ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    2nd/3rding of Janine loving Surge. XD I can't/don't want to see it any other way. D:
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    ToxicBoltShipping thread!

    Which is why I like it. XD Especially since I avoid those yaoi cliches like the plague. DX
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