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  1. Revolutionary Girl

    Review JN137: Winds of Beginning! The Endless Road!!

    As one who ships this both ironically and unironically and has done so for a long time... our tiny corner of the internet (we're still out there) was pretty pleased last week. Mimey wouldn't be so mad if something weren't up, after all :) Even if we never get to see these three again, it feels...
  2. Revolutionary Girl

    How do you think shipping has affected the pokemon fanbase?

    For my part, as one of those shippers from way back when, I’m surprised to see that it’s gone so quiet lately. I suspect the wide variety of ships available now has diluted the fandom a bit, and people now have their spaces where they go and just ship rather than arguing about it. (I have always...
  3. Revolutionary Girl

    Thank The User/Avatar Above!

    Thanks for reading my fic! <3
  4. Revolutionary Girl

    who do you ship within pokemon?

    Doing my periodic every few years drop in to see where the Eldershippers (Professor Oak/Delia Ketchum) are... we are the oldest of school. I spent COVID time with the "new" (Sun/Moon/Journeys) Pokemon and fell out of my chair to see that those two were still at it after all these years. (I...
  5. Revolutionary Girl

    Blast from the past

    Hello, friends. I'm doing my every few years check-in on the forums. If we haven't met, I'm one of the seriously old heads from back in the day who used to be part of the shipping crowd. Eldershipping is still my ship of choice (made easier by the fact that I'm inching ever closer to his age). I...
  6. Revolutionary Girl

    Caption the screenshots!

    Three Lights! Stage on!
  7. Revolutionary Girl

    Caption the screenshots!

    Jessie: James was right! It really IS fun to stay at the YMCA!
  8. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    I'm back momentarily for a request. Ms. Mysty (yes, the one from the post above!) is considering jumping back into the fanfic world of Eldershipping, but requested that I provide a prompt to fire her imagination. I turn to the rest of you for something to fire my imagination on this? What's a...
  9. Revolutionary Girl

    Your "THATS NOT POSSIBLE" moments

    I hope this is the right thread for this story. I couldn't stop lol'ing when it happened last night... I've been playing Emerald for the past few weeks; I'm that behind that I'm a n00b to it. I was just messing around with the day care people, trying to get an egg of something, anything, with...
  10. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I have screenshots from the new episodes! They are cute. <3 They're on the way to Isshu! It's darling that they gave Satoshi the window seat; wonder why Hanako didn't sit next to him, though? I can't remember the nature of the crisis here. Pikachu may have...
  11. Revolutionary Girl


    OMG NOOOOOOOO :( ;_; /Eldershipper Actually, I can see it, too. They certainly have the knowledge of Pokemon in common, and I can see bonding over their trading of knowledge. Watch out, Hanako!
  12. Revolutionary Girl

    Caption the screenshots!

    Infernape: FOR THE LAST TIME... WHERE IS... THE REMOTE!!!!
  13. Revolutionary Girl

    Pokemon Live Action Movie?

    Check out the scrolling text underneath the "news report." XD I can't stop watching this and inflicting it on others.
  14. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    :thumbup: It's an awesome worldview, because NOW THEY ARE EQUALS YAY. And who doesn't want a relationship like that? Wow, thanks for giving me an excuse to start rereading this at work. Hadn't read that in years. :ksmile: OOH! Also, his house is too epic to get from some sort of...
  15. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    :thumbup: Haha, Delia is my age in your headcanon. We're both getting old. :goof: Re: the age gap issue: Add to that the whole power dynamic (he was in charge of her somehow once upon a time), and it all could be fairly creepy. But he never seems to lord anything over her, she seems OK...
  16. Revolutionary Girl

    Nevermet Shippings

    I like all of your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. (Although for added fun, you can imagine that the Professor's wife = Agatha.) Also, since Iron Mask Marauder is here, Execshipping!
  17. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    Seconding Roronoa Zorua's comment. 95% of us actually agree with you, Giovanni; there's a 98% chance we'll never know, though, so that way lies folly. Anyway. I found a screenshot from the preview, and I am delighted to share it with you. So no need for breakup talk just yet, it seems...
  18. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    What's up! I'm still around. I sort of did vanish thanks to having to be a grownup, although I think we'd all hit a creative lull and just died off from there. This is an attempt to cast the nets and see who's still around and who's newly interested... OH, HOORAY! I'd been wondering since the...
  19. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    Here are all the different ways I've seen this handwaved away: 1) Mr. Ketchum is just no longer in the picture, having given up his family for: a) Team Rocket (see: Diamondshipping) b) his pokemon training career c) another woman and therefore, they are now divorced. 2) Mr...
  20. Revolutionary Girl

    Eldershipping Discussion = Fun for All

    Sorry; I hope I'm not violating the no double posts rule, but I figure a few days have passed... I tried to find Ilex at her ilexshipper email address, but alas, no good. It said that email didn't exist. :( So if anyone has any contact with her at all that I don't have, please tell her we...
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