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  1. Jimiinthesky

    GEN VI: Looking for legit articuno

    Hey, I am looking for a legit Articuno with no particular moves or stats. I have a variety of legendaries and starters; deoxys, virizion, charmander, freakiest, snivy, aswell as a hacked shiny articuno. Please let me know if you are interested as I have more Pokemon than listed. Friend code is...
  2. Jimiinthesky

    The Official "Rate my One Pokemon" Thread

    A personal favourate of mine is my Lucario lead. Jolly 252 attack 252 speed 4 hp Focus Sash Close combat Extreme speed Swords dance Crunch/Ice Punch (I vary this often) I find this to be an incredible offensive opener, the sash gives it a chance for a SD boosted Extreme speed on...
  3. Jimiinthesky

    GEN V Shinies

    I can offer you an ivd and evd magmortar, jolteon, snorlax, crobat, lapras or tangegrowth for the virizion, cobalion and tituoga? I can also offer many rare legendaries such as mew and deoxys.
  4. Jimiinthesky

    Stars of Generation V

    i HATE quagsire with every fibre of my body this gen. I've always been strongly opposed to using stall as a style of play in a pokemon game, but quagsire is just taking the biscuit. and hydregion is just not fast enough, even as a choice user for me, espcecially with stuff like swift swim and...
  5. Jimiinthesky

    Stars of Generation V

    ^ agreed, to a large extent this is mainly because of ferrothorn and grass's immunity to leech seed. A random thought for discussion, Lilligant, as a star of the UU gen V metagame. 90 speed 110 spA and access to quiver dance and a good typing, i can see this becoming as used as Blazekin was in...
  6. Jimiinthesky

    Stars of Generation V

    I am un-familar with double dance terrakion? As a scarfer it seems to work amazingly well for me, it's typing gives it the ability to come in on many threats
  7. Jimiinthesky

    Hello deino

    Hey welcome to the forum, make sure you read the rules and you shall be fine! if your interested in a deino with dark pulse you can start a thread in the trade centre section, explaining what you want and what your offering !
  8. Jimiinthesky

    Magikarp used Splash, its super effective!

    charmander, fire blast!
  9. Jimiinthesky

    Best Generation I Pokémon Cry

    People say that? :O the early gen calls were epic! in gen II the Lugia call is like some sort of hardcore german electro, it's epic! in gen I i LOVED charmander's call, it was so simple and actually sounded like 'char-man-der' :')
  10. Jimiinthesky

    Stars of Generation V

    And how many pokemon are there in the uber's tier?
  11. Jimiinthesky

    List all your starter Pokemon in your games

    Re: Your Starters Gen 1- i like all of them, i play through blue every so often and my team varies. Generally squirtle is my choice though Gen II- ALWAYS cyndaquil, it just rocks :) I'd be tempted with totodile if you could get houndour a bit sooner in the game :/ Gen III- torchic, IMO the...
  12. Jimiinthesky

    The Little Things

    I have not seen that, it sounds amazing! :O i need to go and find a diglett now |: haha
  13. Jimiinthesky

    Stars of Generation V

    Okay, i get your point, i just am certain Blazekin is by no means a star of the gen V metagame, and the 'neckbeards' an Smogon do happen to be the authority on pokemon battling, and it's tiers are, more often than not, transfered to the professional tournaments. IMO Blazekin has not influenced...
  14. Jimiinthesky

    Stars of Generation V

    The idea is to discuss true stars of the metagame, influential pokemon that changed the face of the metagame, such as tyranitar in GSC, Metagross in RSC, and scizor in DPP. Blazekin has not changed the metagame, it does not require teams to create specific counters for it nor is it a near staple...
  15. Jimiinthesky

    Stars of Generation V

    But Blazekin is Uber, it won't ever be battling against any of these pokemon. In ubers it is destroyed by Lugia and especially Giratina who can absorb high-jump-kick. What is the use of discussing the merits of it in relation to OU when it is Uber, it's like discussing the impact Wobbuffet had...
  16. Jimiinthesky

    Gen V OU team.

    No that is good advice, i shall add in the evs you suggested, i'm just currently trying to find a replacement for zapdos tbh, a special wall that can also do damage thats not a pink blob? reunicules is calling out to me...especially as he won't mind sandstorm. However this then leaves me open...
  17. Jimiinthesky

    Gen V OU team.

    mmm, i'm experimenting at the moment, i think bulky evs with thunderwave, thunder (seems to be working well for me atm) hp fire and sub. Item wise, i'm experimenting with absorb bulb just out of curiosity for new items, but i think air ballon would work wonders. Also, ability? Study is good...
  18. Jimiinthesky

    Gen V OU team.

    oohhhhhhh interesting proposition troggy....magnezone....that needs a try. What set would you suggest? I'd think somthing relatively defensive, perhaps even 252 hp 252 spA, thunder, hp ice, flash cannon.....explosion maybe? Virizion, starmie and gliscor all are relatively good at taking...
  19. Jimiinthesky

    Gen V OU team.

    Fantastic feedback guys, thanks. Troggy those ev suggests are great, the ev investment just for bullet punch scizor is useless i now see, so switching will have to be my option for a scizor. Gliscor and Zapdos evs i shall try aswell, Gliscor has shown some major special Defence weaknesses...
  20. Jimiinthesky

    Gen V OU team.

    I have been a competitive battler for quite a while now, and have been greatly enjoying the Gen V metagame, therefore i decided to take the time to design an entirely new team. Try to hide your shock, this is NOT a weather team :| However it is designed to work well in the weather dominated...
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