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  1. Mijzelffan

    As of today this account is officially 15 years old

    15 years ago today I signed up for this forum, can you believe it. That's half my entire life ago! When I made my account I was one month away from turning 15, now I am one month away from turning 30. The years I was most active on this forum were very formative for me and I've met some friends...
  2. Mijzelffan

    Review JN068: A Rival for Go!? The Road to Mew!!

    This exchange made me think of this forum
  3. Mijzelffan

    Review JN059: The Lost Sarunori! Who is the Trainer!?

    Great episode, I was wondering at first who would get the Grookey but it was clear pretty quickly that it was gonna be Go which I do think is the best choice for it (though koharu getting it would've been interesting as well haha). It being a gacha rocket pokemon caught me by surprise but it's a...
  4. Mijzelffan

    Random Messages 16: Annual Meeting of NPCs From Cursed, Barely Functional Video Games

    I'd love some snow here, or at least some freezing temps so we get natural ice. It's been so long since the ice was hard enough we could walk on it.
  5. Mijzelffan

    Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

    Almost everyone from the looks of it lmao
  6. Mijzelffan

    Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

    I've added the gen 8 physical moves to this page but then realised the Let's Go moves should technically be on there too. The special move page would also need an update as would the status move page. I don't wanna do it because adding it all is tedious so I'm putting the request here.
  7. Mijzelffan

    Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

    This thread is still up huh, neat
  8. Mijzelffan

    Renaming The War Room

    I got sent this thread and had to reset my password to post here, I haven't posted here in at least half a decade but I guess I'll give my input as this board is basically my baby. I didn't come up with the war room name, Rayne did I think, I personally would've probably just named it something...
  9. Mijzelffan

    Favorite Pseudo Legendary

    Salamence is probably my favourite, but I like the unexpected twists the pseudo-legendaries in gen 1-3 have in general. Dragonair is completely different from dragonite, both pupitar and shelgon are coccoon-like which is funny and I also like how beldum turns out to have been a leg all along...
  10. Mijzelffan

    Three New Forum Admins!

    can we bring back that past username extention because I feel like I recognise some of these names but not the persons behind them
  11. Mijzelffan

    Bulbawiki site issues thread

    List of Pokémon by base stats (Generation VII-present) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia on this page I used to be able to sort by column so I could like sort by highest base speed etc. Now on all my browsers (chrome, opera and phone) these arrows to sort the columns have...
  12. Mijzelffan

    Bad Ad Reporting Thread

    I don't know where you guys draw the line for inappropriate ads but I was kinda surprised to see ads like this on bulbapedia so I thought I might as well post it here just in case
  13. Mijzelffan

    Who was more tragic? Necrozma or Kyurem?

    Did kyurem even have a backstory? It didn't seem like it had much feelings at all, it really just felt like the empty husk that the lore makes it out to be.
  14. Mijzelffan

    Are we going to see Kalos in the Post-game?

    If from the get-go they have the foreseight to see that their game is going to be under 8gb even if they make two regions then yes they could do it, but generally people don't have future vision. If they add a second region they will decide that when the game is still in its planning stages...
  15. Mijzelffan

    Are we going to see Kalos in the Post-game?

    That's the final product, as we know with Gold and Silver Game Freak couldn't even fit just johto on a single gameboy cartridge until Iwata optimized the code. The game starts development on a computer first, then they try to port it to 3ds and sacrifice whatever they need to get it running...
  16. Mijzelffan

    How likely are new Megas

    They're going to release new megas eventually, whether it's in usum or in gen 8. Mega evolution is much more popular with fans than game freak anticipated. Masuda said in interviews that they thought fans might consider megas unfair because only certain pokemon get it whereas every pokemon gets...
  17. Mijzelffan

    Are we going to see Kalos in the Post-game?

    Game freak can barely fit one region on a 3ds cartridge, secondary regions aren't going to happen.
  18. Mijzelffan

    Speculation Can and Will Regional Varients of Pokemon be Featured in Future Games including Remakes

    Knowing game freak I think there won't be any new regional variants and that the alolan versions will become an afterthought that are difficult to obtain in-game, similarly to the treament they've given megas in sun and moon.
  19. Mijzelffan

    Speculation Will Pokemon Gyms return after Gen VII

    I think gyms will return and I think their return will be used in the marketing of the new games.
  20. Mijzelffan

    Battle Tree Difficulty Spike?

    The kind of people in this thread are why Game Freak decided that there was no demand for a return of the battle frontier in ORAS. A lot of you also don't seem to understand that the battle tree doesn't cheat, you're just playing with statistics. With 50 battles you're gonna get "haxed"...
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