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  1. Kung Fu Ferret

    Digimon: Chrono Crisis ( Rated E)

    You're in!
  2. Kung Fu Ferret

    Digimon: Chrono Crisis ( Rated E)

    Human Name: Eric Leifson Age: 16 Gender: Male Personality: Eric is brave, but a tad impatient. He is smart, but reckless with an occasional burst of rage. Eric tends to be a nice guy, usually..... History: Eric the son of a Viking chieftain, who ended up in the Digital World after falling...
  3. Kung Fu Ferret

    Digimon: Chrono Crisis ( Rated E)

    The Digital World is a timeless realm, and home to beings known as Digimon. Unfortunately this world is currently under threat. The Digital World itself has selected youths from throughout time and partnered them up with a Digimon to save this realm from annihilation. Rules and guidelines 1...
  4. Kung Fu Ferret

    Let's discuss jobs!

    I currently work at Chipotle, but I'm there before they open for the day. I wish I was on register duty because that would've been my comfort zone, but I digress.
  5. Kung Fu Ferret

    Sounding Board 2.0 - Post & Discuss Your RP Ideas!

    I recently had another idea similar to this where the humans are all from different points in human history.
  6. Kung Fu Ferret

    My Fakemon region and whatnot.

    Some info on the first partner Pokémon of the Pumoja region! Hynerba: The Plant Cub Pokémon Type: Grass This Pokémon is highly intelligent, despite its looks and the fact that it smells like bitter herbs. Its jaw strength can turn small rocks into dust. Kifembru: The Tiny Rhino Pokémon Type...
  7. Kung Fu Ferret

    Communal Bulbagarden Dream Journal

    Last night I had the weirdest dream. I was staying at the same hotel as a politician who I'm not going to name, and I had to steal bacon and eggs from his fridge to make an omelet.
  8. Kung Fu Ferret

    Music Are there any songs/jingles that randomly get stuck in your head?

    The skibidi toilet song. Ugh!
  9. Kung Fu Ferret

    My Fakemon region and whatnot.

    Pumoja is back again! Hynerba, Kifembru, and Bubbloon are the starters! Grass hyena, Fire rhinoceros, Water baboon.
  10. Kung Fu Ferret

    What are your (non-Fan) Fiction pet peeves (non-manga/anime)?

    Species profiling. Examples: carnivorous dinosaurs, hyenas, snakes. Luckily The Lion Guard tv show tried to remedy the Species profiling of hyenas by having a group of good guy hyenas introduced early on.
  11. Kung Fu Ferret

    Video Game Quotes

    "You know what I say to everyone who tries to gank me? Leaf me alone, birch!" - Ratatoskr ( as depicted in SMITE)
  12. Kung Fu Ferret

    The TILT Thread (Today I Learned That…)

    Today I learned that the first paleoart was a statue of a dragon in Austria based on the skull of a woolly rhinoceros. I can't remember the name of the village where the statue is, though.
  13. Kung Fu Ferret

    What are some strange laws in your state/country?

    In Massachusetts, you can't let a gorilla ride in the backseat of your car. Does this mean they have to ride shotgun?
  14. Kung Fu Ferret

    In Memoriam: Celebrities

    Reptile enthusiast YouTuber Brian Barczyk lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on the 14th
  15. Kung Fu Ferret

    Communal Bulbagarden Dream Journal

    Something about a furry-themed restaurant opening up at the mall.
  16. Kung Fu Ferret

    The Character A-Z Game

    Thoth (Egyptian god)
  17. Kung Fu Ferret

    What are some pet peeves that you have?

    People who insist on using their cellphones while driving. It's illegal here, but nobody seems to care. It's dangerous!
  18. Kung Fu Ferret

    Music What's your current theme song? Probably this.
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