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    No Santa? No way! News anchor sorry for dashing kids' dreams

    I think most young kids know there is no Santa (a lot of holiday programming spills those beans), it's all about how long a kid can keep their parents believing that they believe in Santa!
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    CATS 1, KIDS 0 - Paypal halts gift exchange for disadvantaged children

    Wait... so what did Paypal do wrong again? What is the Registry community? What exactly is going on? If I were paypal, I'd be suspicious as well. All of this said, if they froze this organizations account then there should be ways for them to petition their position to paypal. The Holidays is...
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    New Batman animated series coming to Cartoon Network

    Honestly... I kind of feel like there is too much batman, and this is NUTS for me to say because I love Batman! But yeah, the Brave and the Bold, it's suppose to be cancelled, but every time I look it seems like CN is putting out new episodes and advertising new seasons leaving me confused...
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    The Simpsons to be cancelled?

    It kind of sucks a lot, I'm thinking Fox's sundays will fall apart though (Their new shows don't have the same fallowing, Family Guy has been in just as bad a rut as the simpsons and it's been on the air for less than half the time. Cleveland Show seems like it's going no where good, and...
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    Rest in Peace: Steve Jobs

    Re: AP: Apple says Steve Jobs is dead. I just heard about this on the News, happy someone else made this topic because I didn't want to put one up. It's too bad, thoughts go to his family and friends although I'm sure they were prepared. I wonder what the state of Apple will be because of it, I...
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    Marvel reveals new Spider-Man (and he's not your typical Spider-Man)

    I read about this a while back and got pretty excited, but I still haven't got the chance to check out the new comics yet since his debut. Personally, I think Spider-man is a bit too emo these days, well at least since the last time I've read it and the few times after I've flipped though pages...
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    Poll - What genre of music do you associate with the color pink?

    Electro or Punk, but thinking a little harder I think of Hip Hop as well. For Pop, I don't know what I think of, probably White or Gray to be honest.
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    The Bulbagarden Comic

    Actually this sounds like it can be a lot of fun (as long as we are talking about strips and not graphic novel chapters or pages because that is a lot of work), at the end of the year, you can take all the strips and turn them into a book (preferably print, but to keep initial cost close to zero...
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    Are game characters popularized by the anime?

    I think most of us make up our minds on favorite Pokemon Pretty much from the games themselves, but people that watch the Anime more than games, and the Anime's Target audience is greatly influenced by Pokemon's Screen Time, especially if that Pokemon is given a lot of personality (So like...
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    Captain America vs. Iron Man vs. Thor vs. Hulk vs. Ant-Man/Hank Pym vs. Wasp

    I love Ant-man, Didn't expect anyone else too though... I can't wait for his movie! (I hope it still comes)
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    Superman vs. Batman

    I've kinda always hated superman... I guess that is odd
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    Batman vs Wolverine

    This is kind of Brains vs. Brawn isn't it? I don't know, I'm gonna vote Batman, but it's very hard to say. I guess standard Utility Belt he really has no chance, even if it was just Bone Claws Wolverine, but if he had his full bat cave set of resources I'm sure he could figure out a solution...
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    Golem (Pokemon) vs. Golem (Monster Rancher)

    My Vote goes for Golem! But on a slightly more serious note, I vote for the pokemon because I don't remember MR having those same types of resistances and all of Golem's (MR) type of attacks are either rock or flying type in pokemon terms (lol)
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    Mobile Suits (Gundam series) VS VirtuaRoids (Cyber Troopers Virtual-On)

    Honestly, I prefer Gundams, but Virtual On is one of my all time favorite game series so of course my vote goes with them. I don't completely understand the topic logic though, I assume this is like a Super Robot Wars type of vs. thing..
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    Wii U Discussion

    Honestly, though, I know the controllers will probably be $150 if they were ever sold (I imagine with a game), but I really hope the system can sync and use at least 2 (or if possible 4). There is just too much stuff that you can do with two of them vs. 1, not even including the casual appeal of...
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    Wii U Discussion

    to be honest save a few, most of the 3rd parties showing their WiiU support were the same people last year supporting 3ds. I do like the system a lot though. It has a lot of conviences and features.. i can picture card games especially doing amazing stuff (maybe a spiritual sequel to baten...
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    Pokédex 3D app coming to 3DS: Free downloadable Pokédex app to be available at 3DS eS

    Re: Pokédex 3D app coming to 3DS: Free downloadable Pokédex app to be available at 3D I tried it a few hours ago and the Pokedex app is really nice. It is basic, but the graphics are surprisingly good. The pokemon look better than or equal to PBR models, and the Scene that resembles the battle...
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    X-Men: First Class discussion thread

    I saw it on Friday, some parts didn't fit in with the first movie, so it was kind of strange... I am just assuming it is doing it's own timeline. (Also separate from Origins Wolverine movie, wasn't Emma Frost in that too, but younger...? and Professor X was older at the end of that) However...
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    What was your first Pokémon?

    I think it was bulbasaur... but for some reason I can remember training a squirtle first... but it had to be bulbasaur because I remember my first final team. (Venusaur, Sandslash, Haunter, Nidoking, Dragonair, Zapdose)
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    Pokemon In Japanese

    I think if you've had at least 2-semesters of Japanese then you should be okay with playing the game in kana. Otherwise it might be early because you might not understand grammar that well to enjoy it. It'll probably teach you a lot of words that you don't normally learn in books, (Same with...
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