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  1. PurplePopplio

    The Traveller Has Arrived!

    I love that you love Chikorita and her/his evolutions! Welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun and make many new friends.
  2. PurplePopplio

    What Pokémon region would you like to see a legends game of?

    That would be fun and ideal. I did not know that since I've haven't played Legends Arceus yet. Thanks for the information.
  3. PurplePopplio

    What Pokémon region would you like to see a legends game of?

    None of them actually. As much as I like the whole Legends concept, I really hope it's a once-off release. I'd rather much prefer a game with choices, an engaging story and multiple endings.
  4. PurplePopplio

    Random stuff I drew :]

    So adorable! Also, draw what you want. You have the creative freedom to create any masterpiece you desire.
  5. PurplePopplio

    Who is your favorite Pokémon rival?

    It's between N, Shauna and Nemona for me. I like how mysterious N appears and how he has that odd power to understand Pokémon. Shauna is so spunky and fun to be around. I'll admit that she's not a good battler, but she is a fun friend. Nemona can be a tad annoying with her addiction to...
  6. PurplePopplio

    Who is your LEAST favorite Pokémon protagonist?

    Red. Because I see his design almost everywhere in every ROM hack I play. It's also very generic and basic. I see Leaf's design so often as well, but I actually like her design.
  7. PurplePopplio

    Hello, I am Nat The Emboar

    Welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun here and make many new friends!
  8. PurplePopplio

    You've been kidnapped...

    Give Pikachu and Charizard even more new forms!
  9. PurplePopplio

    Which past pokemon content would you like to see again in future games?

    The Pokéathlon from HGSS. It was such a different facility to partake in.
  10. PurplePopplio

    Random Messages 16: Annual Meeting of NPCs From Cursed, Barely Functional Video Games

    AI is really starting to take off. Soon it'll take over. :confused:
  11. PurplePopplio

    Claims The New Official Claim-a-Move Thread!

    Giga Drain - @PurplePopplio - 17/12/2023 Metronome - @PurplePopplio - 17/12/2023 Scald - @PurplePopplio - 17/12/2023
  12. PurplePopplio

    What is your most-used Pokémon?

    Since I play so many ROM hacks and many of them have only Pokémon from Generations 1-3, I end up using Magneton the most due to its typing and it being an Electric type that isn't a pure Electric type. I would use Magnezone where available.
  13. PurplePopplio

    wrong answers to pokemon questions

    Instantly confuses the foe. What colour is Mew?
  14. PurplePopplio

    Ask the poster below a question

    Snorlax. Big and soft! What's the last anime you watched?
  15. PurplePopplio

    Rate the pokemon attack above!

    4/10. Powerful, but it muddles battles with the possibility of a new type. Splash
  16. PurplePopplio

    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Generation above?

    Sprigatito Gen 2
  17. PurplePopplio

    Rate the pokemon ability above!

    6/10. It sounds like an annoying ability to deal with. I haven't played Gen 9 yet, so this is based on what I researched. Pickup
  18. PurplePopplio

    Pokemon Hangman

    _ _ _ _ Strikes: 3/8 Guesses: A, E, I
  19. PurplePopplio

    Pokemon Hangman

    _ _ _ _ Strikes: 2/8 Guesses: A, E
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