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    Will Iris return in the XY saga?

    Well, it's getting closer and closer to the end. I've already seen a few of Iris's fans on tumblr give up on the idea of a reappearance. There have already been times that would have been fitting for Iris to appear where she hasn't that have come and gone. With XYZ, the show will be wanting...
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    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

    cinnamon though pistachio is a close second.
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    Was Trip/Shooti A Good Rival?

    I wish I could change my vote in a way. One the one hand I no longer think that Shuuti was a bad character but I have to admit that he was no great rival. It's a shame really since there was a lot of potential in his character if they'd have handled him a little better: explained his skill...
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    Preview XY084: Harimaron! Its First Errand!!

    So this episode looks like it'll be building on the pokemon's personalities. It's interesting to see them do this outside of the shorts. I wonder how involved TR will be. I can see them being used to dull down the premise with unneeded tension. However, I have hopes that this won't be one of...
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    Is XY worth watching?

    XY is a lot of fun, but I can see why some people don't like it. I hope that XY will improve the series overall though. The series has struggled with fillers for a long time and this is the first time in ages, that pokeani has taken a step that I actually enjoy in terms of enjoying it. A lot...
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    What do you think of Team Rocket in XY?

    Mixed. Okay, so I've always felt a little mixed on Team Rocket. Still, I don't know how much is me being older and seeing the strings more than the puppet more, but have felt like a series of tropes more than characters for a while. There's just something unnatural about them. In a way, it's...
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    Most annoying gag

    Whilst I'm tempted to just say all the ones from Best Wishes, I'm sure that others could do a better job of going into why it was annoying to endure many of the jokes from that series and have already done. If there is one gag that I really hated early on it was Team Rocket getting into trouble...
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    Best Running Gag?

    I do have a vague memory of enjoying Takeshi's flirting as a kid, though nowadays I hate that gag whenever it comes up. I don't know if later series just dulled it down for me and it genuinely was enjoyable early on, or I was just more easily amused as a kid. Still, I'll mention it here for...
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    XY and animation quality

    @PropellorYoshi1808, What is it that you consider so bad about being able to see all the different styles anyway? Surely, it's more fun to see more experimenting in the animation and more interesting images as part of that? Surely, if anything the uniformity is a bad thing about XY since it's...
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    XY and animation quality

    There are some parts that I feel are vastly improved, but some times it does feel like they're showing off for the sake of showing off, like when they do flashy 'camera' movements (though not always) and this is a little distracting from the immersion. There are also times when I wonder if scene...
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    Will Iris return in the XY saga?

    It might surprise a few people but there was a time when I was looking forward to Iris's return. Not because of any like for Iris. I still dislike her. Rather more because I really liked the idea of the continuing 'old companion gets beaten by the current girl' trend. I don't want to see...
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    Will it Ever End?

    If XY turns out to be the last saga, I think I'll be pretty happy. I've always feared that pokemon will end on a bad note and XY would be a good one to end on. How likely this is, is harder to say. I'd say that with Tokai Watch, yes, this show isn't going to last till the end of the decade...
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    What do you think of the XY saga so far?

    The Average: - The group chemistry. Before I never got why people thought that group chemistry was one of pokeani's good points, but overall I like this group's chemistry. I love how everyone is trying to help each other. I would like to see a little more disagreement but tbh, the group is...
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    poll:who is ash's best traveling partner?

    I knew right away that it would have to be someone from XY since this is the first time I've really cared about group dynamics. Whilst Eureka is my favourite traveling companion, I voted for Citron since this is Satoshi's travel companion we're voting for. Citron simply is the one character...
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    Review XY073: Battle at the Fashion Show! Tatsubay VS Shushupu!!

    Okay, this episode was adorable. I loved Mache here. I almost want Satoshi to loose next episode just so we can see more of her. I especually loved it when she started talking Dedenne. Also Shouta is adorable, especially his reactions to Eureka and Serena in their furisode. ^-^ I know XY...
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    Will Iris return in the XY saga?

    I have heard that Iris is not so popular in Japan and that this means that she might not show up. It is getting closer and closer to the time when a companion from the past would show up and so far there are no signs of such a thing happening. I am beginning to feel inclined to say 'no she...
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    A Possible Gary Oak vs Paul Feud

    I can't see Shinji taking enough of an interest in Shigeru to find out about Shigeru's rivalry with Satoshi. I can't see them thinking of each other that disliking Satoshi is a reason to dislike each other and I can't see them acting that immature. Shigeru finding out about Shinji and trying...
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    Was Paul meant to represent us? (the viewer)

    I've taken to seeing Shinji as a deconstruction of Silver. Silver is a pretty basic 'don't be like me' character but with Shinji we're allowed and even encouraged to see his point of view and that despite being a jerk, he's still intelligent and strong just as people are more varied in real...
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    Using mushrooms in place of plastic packaging

    That would be so cool. I hope it happens. They'd have to market it carefully though. Whilst I think that mushroom bags are cool, I don't know how many people would.
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    May/Haruka as a companion

    Haruka was the best thing to ever happen to the show. With her came the idea of duel plots, finishing off characters and a strong feminine quest. I love how the show increasingly tried to show that contests were of the same worth as gym battles (only less done). Doing that is pretty good...
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